Why No Vehicle Booster.


    We have 5 iPhone ranging from a 6S to the latest 11.


    We have an in-house booster that cranks us up to four bars.


    We need the booster because of large trees and hilly terrain.


    What we really need is an "IN-VEHICLE" booster.


    I have brought this up to the T-Mobile support team a few times and each time they say they are working on it.


    Well I'm tired of waiting. I cant go 500 feet in my car before I get only one bar I can live with that.


    What I can't live with is going any distance in any direction and within 20 or so miles from home I get "NO SERVICE".


    I've been patient.


    Here are my questions:

         Why can't a company called T-Mobile do more for those who use mobile phone while being mobile?


         Why, by now, haven't they contracted with any company that manufactures vehicle signal boosters capable of extending mobile service?


         How much longer do we have to wait?


    I spent over $450 dollars on a booster for my RV and it works great.


    We are not going to spend that much for each vehicle for everyday commuting.


    I'm willing to pay a nominal price for a T-Mobile provided booster, which we shouldn't need if T-Mobile provided appropriate, as advertised, coverage.

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