My phone is paid for in one more month.  Since i got the phone i have had the ongoing problems with it as you can see in my account.  Please read the last two years.


    phone calls dropping

    does it matter if i am using wiffi or tbmobile spot.


    they even gave me a tmobile booster


    it did not help still continuing to have drop calls only at home or away.


    they have changed out my Sims card.

    they want to do that again

    did not work


    now i make calls i have to hit the call button 7 times to get a call to go thru.


    they don't have any understanding why this is happening.


    so far i have had continued problems and no one has helped.


    i have been to corporate stores they only want to change out my Sims card.


    What i really need and have asked for for two years IS A NEW PHONE".  but they won't give me one.


    Why because that would disrupt their new phones sales chart.  I don't know they don' have a real answer they just kept putting me through to 'ESCALATIONS"

    i brought over my parents and daughter and her boyfriend.  They don't have any problems with their phones.  My husband has the same phone as I do and he has never had a problem with his.


    Who should i report this too?  The CEO of Tmobile. and maybe FCC, Consumer Protection Services, BBB.

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      • gramps28


        Unless you have insurance on the phone it's not Tmobile's obligation to give you a new phone, that would be the insurance company.


        Tmobile could of done a warranty exchange in the first year but there would be a fee to do that but you also could of done that within the first year by

        sending the phone to the manufacturer but you would have to pay for the shipping and be without a phone..

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        • smplyunprdctble

          This is a user-based forum (e.g. I'm a fellow user.  I have no affiliation with T-Mobile, as are the other folks here who don't have "tmo_" at the beginning of their username).  There's no way to read any notes in your account.

          magenta3570625 wrote:


          What i really need and have asked for for two years IS A NEW PHONE". but they won't give me one.

          T-Mobile doesn't give free phones.  You want a phone, you pay for it.  T-Mobile won't deny selling a new phone.  (They do have BOGO specials, but, they're still not "free")


          If your current phone is defective, it should have been showing the same symptoms in the 14-day (30 in some areas) remorse period, where you could have returned it and purchased a new one.  If you can show it's a warranty issue, the manufacturer would honor any defects over the warranty period.  You state you're 23 months into your phone ("one more month and it's paid off" and assuming 24-month payment plan).  There's nothing that can be done for your current device for warranty or returns.  It's yours.

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          • syaoran


            Two years is a little late to be at this point.  As a consumer, any issues and replacements should be pushed for within the first few months.  At two years later, you are not likely to get a replacement device regardless of how far up you try to escalate the issue.  Good luck though.  John Legere's e-mail can be found on his Twitter and other social media accounts, if you feel the need to go that route.