unlimited data doesn't apply to old plan cusotmer ...


    Just wanna to check if there some exist customer still have old papa plan which doesn't have unlimited data(no the hot spot data I mean)

    we have been T-mobile customer for over 9 years and just recently find out that all new customer have unlimited data except us ?

    being a "old customer "(or you can say loyal customer ...) I guess that also mean you stock with old plan unless you switch to other carrier ...

    called T-mobile and they can't do anything about it , talked on website chat with CSR  and the lady does't even know there is still have customer with limited data lol...

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Your grandfathered plan is potentially cheaper than the current plans.


        I know there was some conversion that happened a number of years back that "simplified" plans.  If you had a limited data plan then, you were probably converted over to a limited data plan.


        You're welcome to convert your plan if you would like.  You would just pay the current rates, which may be higher than what you're paying now.  There is no contracts associated with changing your plan.

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        • drnewcomb2

          At some point in time you made the decision to stick with your old, grandfathered, plan rather than switch to a new one. I get it. I only switched from my Select Choice plan because I wanted to get on the 55+ plan before the rates went up. But you really can't expect to have the advantages of both old and new plans. It's having your cake and eating it, too.