Nokia 3310 3G not receiving incoming texts




    I'm hoping TMobile or a user can provide me some answers, as no one has been able to so far...


    I'm an avid dumb phone user. I've happily had a nokia 3310 3G (a phone which came out in 2017), factory unlocked, purchased at best buy in the USA in 2018, working fine for over a year. In mid october of this year, my phone stopped receiving incoming texts. Calls in and out, and text messages out, all work fine. Since texts are half of what I use my phone for, this is a big issue to me. 


    To try to resolve this issue, Tmobile sent me a new sim card - no dice. I cleared the memory on the phone. I reset my phone, no dice. I switched my sim into a different 3310 3G device I have for emergencies - still no incoming texts. I made sure my IMEI was registered with tmobile. I checked my coverage with TMobile--according to them, I'm still in an area with great 2G, 3G coverage. At this point, tmobile said that was all they could do with me and suggested I call nokia. Nokia told me that this was not a common problem, and that if I had done a factory reset and it still did not work, then there was nothing they could do and suggested I check the warranty with the vendor. Of course if the individual device was the problem, I'd happily buy a new 3310 (they are only $60!), but I've had the same problem repeat exactly on two phones, and by now I'm skeptical that it's the device.


    All I would like is a straight answer--Does Tmobile no longer support sms for unlocked phones from non-tmobile brands? Is this something specific to Nokia, or to 3310's?


    Thank you for taking the time to read this.... I don't really mind what the outcome is, as long as I'm not stuck in a loop of trying to purchase a new device that wouldn't work in the first place.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Ah that's rough you're having trouble. There's nothing specific from the T-Mobile side that would keep an non-branded phone from working. Are the senders getting any error messages? Have you tried sending a test message to yourself to see if that works?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Hey, just checking to see if you still need help. Please check out my post above and let us know. Thanks.

            • magenta10288038

              Thanks Mike for getting back to me on this! Sending myself a text does not work unfortunately, and I'm still not recieving incoming texts from anyone. I have not found any fix for this yet. Are there any other reasons it might not be working?

                • tmo_lauren

                  I'll be honest, I'm sort of stumped.


                  I know you mentioned swapping the SIM to another like device, have you tried your SIM in another, preferably T-Mobile branded device?


                  There's not anything on the network end that should technically be preventing you from using your chosen device, so I'm wanting to totally rule out this isn't an issue in ALL phones.



                  • tmo_mike_c

                    I think Lauren's suggestion of testing the SIM in a T-Mobile device is a good idea. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work in a Non-T-Mobile phone, but testing it out in one of our branded device's is a good idea to eliminate the phone as the issue.

                      • magenta10288038

                        I've put the sim into an iPhone 6S that I previously had registered with Tmobile, and it works fine! To do that, unfortunately I had to punch the sim out of its larger frame, so now I can't put it back into the 3310. To recap:


                        My first sim did not recieve text messaged in two different Nokia 3310 3G phones, both purchased in 2018.

                        My second sim, sent to me by Tmobile, still did not recieve text messages in either 3310s, but when this sim was put into an iPhone 6S, it recieved incoming text messages fine. This was with the same talk-and-text, no data Tmobile plan, with the iPhone not connected to wifi, so I know that the sms recieved on the iPhone were in fact SMS and not iMessages or some other data-facilitated messages.


                        The core of my issue is that I do not want to use phones wth internet connections, wifi ability, or with any Google tech in them. With it's KaiOS platform and Google Assistant, I won't switch to the Alcatel GO Flip. So I appreciated being able to use the Nokia. Any further help you can provide is appreciated! Thanks for looking into this.

                  • kensheetot

                    Hi magenta. I’m a fan of dumb phones as well and i have been using 3310 as my primary phone. Iphone is only my secondary phone.


                    Anyways, have you tried checking the message centre number? Maybe you have changed it accidentally. Ask t-mobile for their message centre numbers.


                    You can see it in the message>menu>message settings>text message.


                    And make sure that your phone’s call barring feature isn’t activated, that your fixed dialing is deactivated.


                    Good luck.


                    Regards from the Philippines!

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