Was lied to by sales rep in T-Mobile store and his manager, can i be refunded?



    On 9/2/109 I visited the T-Mobile store located at 252 W Stonebrook Pkwy Suite 570, Frisco, TX 75034.  My primary reason of visiting the store was to seek for help on a billing issue.  While I was there, Andre, the representative who was helping me with my issue, brought up the promotions that were going on at the time, BOGO.  I mentioned to him that I have two additional lines that I would like to bring over from Verizon wireless, which were ported over once already about a year ago and those two lines will need to be "Get out of the red/carrier freedom" also.   My two devices with Verizon were buy one get one free but I have to spread the payments over two years to get that benefit.

    Andre reviewed my TMobile account and suggested that if I upgraded my line to Magenta Plus and Business Line, then I can bring over the two lines from Verizion with "get out of the red/carrier freedom" and BOGO promotions. This was the first lie because 2 weeks later, I ended up had to return the BOBO because the T-Mobile claim department tell me that I can't combine BOGO with "get out of the red/carrier freedom" when I applied.


    I went back to the same store to talk see what can be done and was told that if I return the BOGO, then apply for the "get out of the red/carrier freedom", it should work. Then, according to the rep there, I could come back and repurchase the BOGO. This was the second lie. I followed the instruction of the rep, returned the BOGO and filed two claims with T-Mobile to for the reimbursement of the financed payments of the other two devices, which were brought over from Verizon.  I was then told that the two lines were not eligible for the "Get Out Of The Red/Carrier freedom" promotion because I had used get out of the red for them less than two years ago.  By the time I am told that T-Mobile will not pay for my devices, it is too late for me to come back to Verizon because my lines there were already terminated. I went back to the  T-Mobile store but the store manager told me that there were nothing he could do to help me. I am now out of $1000 because I have to pay off both phones, following the instruction of the T-Mobile rep, when it was a buy one get one free from Verizon. In other word, if I had just stay with Verizon, I would have only pay for one phone, spread over two years, for the price of two phones. Now with the switch to T-Mobile, I have to pay of both phone full price before I could even apply for the "Get out of the red/carrier freedom". Since both phones are paid of out pocket and T-Mobile closed my Verizon accounts, I can't go back.


    I then asked about the BOGO and told that I had already used it on the two line ported over during this event...the same two that they asked me to return...with $50 restocking fee per phone...and I haven't even unwrap the phone from the box. Luckily, T-Mobile was able to waive the restocking fee...but I cannot apply for the BOGO anymore. I never got to use the benefit! This was the 3rd lie.


    Andre, during the original sale pitch, told me that he can waive the cost of one of the line. He said that contact him after the first bill and he can make it happen....provided that I upgrade my line from the military one plan to the new Magenta business plan. I followed his advice and waited 3 hrs for him to make the switch. when the first bill came, and all of the issue above came into light, This was the 4th lie. I tried to reach out to him but he was nowhere to be found. So he got me to switch to the more expensive business line, which looks good for the store, but did not hold up his end. I tried to switch back though the careteam from T-Mobile but was told that my account was so messed up at this point that its best to leave it alone. Additionally, I can't go backward because I left a heritage plan that T-Mobile no longer offers.


    Lastly, I was told by both Andre and his manager that I should buy a Samsung watch line to take advantage of the buy one line get one line free. However, the watch buy one get one promotion just expired but is coming back the following month. Buying the line now will be beneficial to me and wait a couple weeks and buy the watches when there is the promotion going on. It sounds like a good idea so I signed up for the line, without the watch. A month later, the watches are not on promotion, so I am stuck paying for a watch line without any watches. This was the 5th lie.


    As you can see, I have done what was advised by T-Mobile authorized representatives, which at the time was a good deal for me, but turned out to be very costly for me because all the benefits that were promised were either deceitful or ill-advised. Could you please let me know what I can do and need to do to recoup the cost.Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

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