Burger King denies T mobile Coupon


    I redeemed my coupon and got the app. Went to the local burger king and showed the 15 min timer to redeem, but was told the coupon was only redeemable on Tuesday even when showing them my phone with the information and countdown. My wife and I both had our coupons and got gipped. Anyone else getting this type of response?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

        It appears to be a fairly common complaint.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

          The offer should've been valid until early this morning (11/5) -- I'm sorry Burger King didn't accept the coupon. If this happens again, you'll want to Contact Us  so we can reset the offer.

            • magenta10510264

              Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

              went to BK on 11/22/19, and was denied using the free whopper. The BS reason given by counter person was that it is only accepted on tuesdays... total BS. The coupon had to be used in 15 minutes of showing them there, so basically it was a waste and huimiliation.

              Tmobile should make sure that BK, particularly its franchisees honors these commitments and promotions.

            • barcodeable

              Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

              I refuse to spend my money at an establishment that fail to appreciate my business. I may redeem a coupon with a free offer valued at $2.99 today...but purchase foods and/or services for years to come valued at over $1,000 dollars. I would take my business elsewhere that have a better business model.


              Note: Some businesses do not understand business.

              • dw60025

                Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

                In Chicago ,for the past 3 t-mobile tuesday coupons for burger king, I went to 3 different Burger King stores , they all refuse to accept coupon.

                • magenta10595440

                  Re: Burger King denies T mobile Coupon

                  I saw the T-Mobile Teusday Free Whopper,

                  downloaded the App, tried to use it, and it keeps wanting me to sign up or sign in, so I try to verify my email when i get it, try to click open App, and nothing happens. I go the the website link and it wants me to get the app, which i already have. It appears the T-Mobile Tuesday Free Whopper for today January 14, 2020 is Bogus

                    • uselessfellows

                      I disagree. It is not Bogus. I have used it once in 3 weeks. The first week I tried to use it, BK said they can't use the code, because it's for mobile orders only. The second time around I redeemed in a different way. Today, I did the same thing as the 2nd time, redeemed the code at TMobileTuesdays and it takes me to the BK app. There I clicked on their offers and had the 15 minute window to go purchase.  As soon as I walk upto the cashier, she says "this code is not valid for restaurant and it's only good for mobile"

                      Well, at this point I can't go back and do mobile order. If I do, the app is going to say that I already redeemed it.

                      I was frustrated and told the lady, 'Listen, I've been coming here for the last 3 weeks and everytime you guys say something or the other"

                      "Who do I complain to"

                      At that point she said, she's willing to give me my free whopper without using my coupon. I felt sorry for her and seems like lot of customers are having this same issue.