ERLTE, VoLTE, VVM (native), RCS (native) Not working On Moto X4


    Note here, I am a One Plus Add on subscriber and should have access to VoLTE, VVM, and RCS.


    I've had a moto x4 since January, where in it was originally on Android 8.0, and it has updated to 8.1, and to 9.0 via OTA.


    I have also tried a custom rom to determine if the device being Android One for Google Fi has caused any issues. (it shouldn't, google Fi is a MVNO of tmobile and uses tmobiles towers)


    Best I can tell VoLTE, VVM (native), RCS (native) are not nor have they ever worked on my device, despite Tmobiles IMEI Check stating they should and the hardware allowing it.


    • VoLTE is provisioned according to the dialers settings, however any call incoming or outgoing instantly drops my LTE signal to H+. I have HD voice, but that does not require VoLTE and can be implemented over HSPDA and EVDO
    • Native VVM does not work : half the time it does not show up in the stock android 9 google dialer, and when the tab is there it gives some error as to being unable to connect, or try again, or call your voicemail to complete set up.
    • RCS, Chat Enhancement worked long enough to get my password to set it up sent to me via text message, then vanished from my message (googles Messages) apps settings stating no carrier support.


    Now, VVM worked on my Xperia X Compact until around October of 2018 then stopped functioning(unlocked phone, but it had stopped getting updates around late 2017, i held mine back to android6.0).


    VoLTE and native VVM work on a Blackberry q10 (tmobile branded) and on a BlackBerry q20 (unlocked) are still functioning as of yesterday.


    Is there anything in the works to remedy this? If all these features work on Fi, which uses T-mobile as the back-haul, there is no reason I can see they don't work on the real network. Will unbranded users ever get access to this? - I've even seen posts noting that pixel3 users may not even have native access to these features despite being sold in the brick and mortar stores


    And no, using the horrid T-Mobile VVM app nor digits app is not an option : it never buzzes, fails to notify, is clunky and slow, and should not be required. With all these ads about being the "uncarrier" this is a pretty "2008 carrier" move to require junk apps to work basic functions.


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Ah shucks. This is the troubling part with using Non-T-Mobile. We're unable to guarantee all features we offer will work on our network. You shouldn't have to change anything other than the Mobile Network settings. Sometimes with new software updates, resetting the device can get features to start working again, but that's all I can think of that'll help.

          • s12-addict

            This is not a phone issue, this is a conscious decision by t-mobile to change the way they handle a defacto standard. Just browsing this forum alone I can find threads hundreds of posts long of people complaining that native android VVM and RCS stopped working in the June Time frame on dozens of different devices, even some you sell in retail stores. Add to this the t-mobile website states my phone is fully compatible with the network and should have all advanced LTE and and Volte capabilities.


            These function on MVNO's that use t-mobile towers and highlights this issue (the moto x4 is an official google-fi phone, all these features work on fi, which uses t mobile towers coupled with wifi calling, att, and verizon). Ive tested the device with an ATT sim, and with a Verizon sim, and they all work so its not a hardware issue or a software issue. Its an Android One Device and gets monthly updates direct from google currently setting on android 9.0 October 2019 Security patch.


            These features are not even working reliably on phones t-mobile sells (or sold) in stores (see posts complaining about it not functioning on Pixel 2 and 3 devices, OnePlus devices, etc) These postings started around october/november of 2018 on the community here - right around the time it stopped working on my sony phone as well.


            I've been with t-mobile since they acquired my previous carrier - suncom, and you know what they got it.

            I stuck with team pink through bill stacking and short code non-reply opt in phone insurance that took a 1 to 2 hour phone call every single bill to rectify for a year.

            I paid extra to get more data, because every month my bill would claim i used 2-5GB of data (in 2011?) when my phone then (HTC G2, a tmobile branded phone) would report only 80-120mb of data used. This phone was later totally dropped from the network in 2014, when the towers were upgraded and they stopped supporting their flagship slider phone.


            I attempted to leave the umbrella of team pink in 2016, however t-mobile refused to carrier unlock my phone (BlackBerry q10, purchased new in box from GoodWill Seattle's Ebay page, with proof of purchase of phone, the box, and all documentation including the ad, and blackberry account showing ithe handset was only ever registered to me) because "im not the owner of the phone they have on record". I


            n 2016 there was an update pushed for the T-Mobile q10 that disabled wifi calling (as in if you inspect the OTA files the wificalling app is not contained in it and cannot be obtained through the BBworld store) Then it never got another OTA. HD voice/Volte/and Wifi Calling were big selling points of the device originally. I managed to work around this by flashing the US unlocked model of the phones OS and turning off OTA's from the carrier... but again this showed a conscious decision to for some reason stop supporting a branded phone.

            these are why I Don't buy branded devices : the company does not support them more than 18-24 months, and refuse to carrier unlock them, and may even issue updates to break functionality later on.


            I feel I've been shafted every way imaginable. I'm probably going to investigate other carriers, but these things should be fixed for others. Getting canned responses of "its just your phone, Buy a Tmobile branded device to alleviate this issue" does nothing for anyone, because its a bandaid to an issue that t-mobile has self created that just happens to sell you more devices, and in some cases doesn't even fix the issue for the end user.