Can I contest Tmobile's credit score?


    After receiving a letter in the mail showing a Tmobile credit score of 668, with a range of 0-999, and 2 factors that don't make sense, can I contest the credit score?


    The factors are 1)Too many address changes on file and 2)value of properties associated with subject is too low or not on file. After spending over 40 minutes on the phone trying to get an answer to what these actually mean, I was passed between Tmobile and Transunion with both entities passing the responsibility to the other. I gave up on the phone call as I was getting extremely frustrated. One of the issues was that Tmobile was telling me to call Tranunion, when the letter clearly stated that the decision was made by Tmobile using information provided by Transunion.


    Having a Transunion Fico score of roughly 750, I expect to get the best deals, but apparently Tmobile doesn't think so. I don't even care about paying up front for some of the cost of the Iphones, all I want is to add a 6th line for a family member.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Can I contest Tmobile's credit score?

        That's interesting. Did you request this info by filling out an application? Also, is there an 800 number on that letter you called for more info about this score?

          • armyguy08

            Re: Can I contest Tmobile's credit score?

            I did not request the letter specifically, but I did inquire on several

            occasions why I was limited to 5 lines when the website says 12. I also

            called Tmobile support and got nowhere after 40+ minutes. Tmobile would say

            to call Transunion and vice versa. The letter specifically says Tmobile

            makes the decision based on information provided to them, so I was probably

            getting the run around as my question is most likely not normally asked.

            The factors in the letter were also not explained and I gave up frustrated.

            I figured I would get an answer over the phone, but I might try again on a

            day off. I will however try Facebook or something more public. This is a

            known issue.