SMS to Email and vice versa issue


    Last attempted back in February, I was able to take photos with my T-mobile Alcatel flip and send those pictures in a SMS text replying to an already established channel via texting my phone (via gmail email to my correct. This was working fine up until I tried it yesterday and no message getting through. From either phone to gmail or gmail to my SMS address. Now, I've change nothing on my end as far as parameters, so what gives?rra


    Pardon me for not searching your morass of support posts sans internal search engine that doesn't handle GREP arguments allowing me to winnow out the 98% of irrelevant returns.


    There is also something very amiss with THIS message system: your input stack is sluggish and my entry cursor keeps jumping off the line I am typing — this is not my equipment — I've tested it before commenting on this — no issues anywhere outside this webpage right now, so...


    Only just joined, and already I can see your QA is right in line with what is to be expected these days: lacking.

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