Upgrades coming to Western Colorado?


    Is there any way I can find out if and when a tower upgrade is happening in my area? Southwestern Colorado could really use more towers or some upgrades. There's all kinds of hype about new towers, 600 MHz radios and 5G. The coverage map shows these things in my area, but they don't actually exist.

    I spent $650 per phone to get 600 MHz reception a year ago and still don't see anything but 1900 MHz offered in this area. Now I'm considering another upgrade to 5G capacities.... But I'm afraid it's not going to happen in my area either.

    The coverage maps show 4GLte and 5G from Grand Junction Colorado to Montrose and from Montrose to Gunnison Colorado. But in reality there's nothing. I mean nothing between Delta and Grand junction Colorado. And again nothing, absolutely nothing from about 23 miles east of Montrose until the city limits of Gunnison. If the coverage map is depicting future coverage plans...... When exactly is it going to happen? We've seen this nonexistent coverage shown on the map for years.

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