5g coverage in Az. Map deceiving.


    So I activated my OnePlus 7t pro McLaren yesterday and I'm getting zero 5G driving across Tucson Arizona where the coverage is supposed to triple with the new 600 band. I can confirm that it's not even spotty across town. The 600 band is completely off. All settings are correct and troubleshooted my device. Customer support told me rollout is not going as smooth as planned and to be patient. I have no problem with waiting but the coverage map is completely deceiving. I literally only upgraded from the seven pro to the McLaren for the coverage. Anyone in other parts of Arizona getting 5G? I don't have a problem with a slow roll out but I do have a problem with lying that's not right. If I knew the map was a lie I would have held off from upgrading until it was worth it. Sucks because I've been a loyal customer for years and really feel let down.

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      • calebintuc

        Re: 5g coverage in Az. Map deceiving.

        You can see on the coverage map my 5G coverage should be far from "spotty". Around town. Nada


        • tmo_amanda

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          Hey, calebintuc!


          I don't blame you for being less than excited for 5G after buying the latest OnePlus and not seeing faster speeds. While we're continuing to roll out 5G you may not see an impact to the upload speeds, but that will improve over time. As far as download speeds, you should be seeing a slight increase right away but it'll be more noticeable as we continue the network upgrade. If you start seeing download speeds under 2 Mbps, I recommend filing a ticket through 611 or T-Force on Facebook/Twitter. I'm sorry things weren't more clear prior to you buying a new phone. Hopefully soon you'll be able to see what the OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren is made of.

          • texas51

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            Here in Dallas Fort Worth region we have the same issue. Even though the phone says "5g" its on band 12 or 2. Not once have I seen it on band 71 (aka 600mhz). I have the one plus Mclaren 5g. So the phone is advertising 5g even when it is not connected to the only band that has 5g. In El Paso, South Oklahoma or even south MIami the 600mhz spectrum is live. I have seen my phone on the 71 band at these locations (using a Oneplus 6). The 200 million users on day one is not real. Honestly i just wanted to be able to use the 600mhz spectrum because of building penetration not really for 5g. Dallas Fort worth region still has some TV channels on the 600mhz spectrum so i assumed T-mobile was using the little spectrum they have available in the 600mhz for 5g only. I was wrong. They are NOT broadcasting 600 MHZ in the region. At least not anywhere near I20, I30, or 635 (these highways go through the entire region South, middle, and north of these cities, nor anywhere i have drivin in between these cities.. We are talking about 12 million people out of the 200 million that TMobile claims to be covering. Wonder what will happen when TMobile and Sprint merge. Seems like a bad idea.