PayGo prepaid plan no longer part of T-Mobile?


    I'm a prepaid customer currently on a Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan. I used to have the option to switch between Mobile Internet plans and the $3/mo PayGo plan via the account self-serve portal, including for most of this year.


    I noticed within the past month or so that PayGo no longer appears as an available plan to switch to in the self-serve portal. I got curious if the plan was even available anymore, so I checked out the T-Mobile Prepaid monthly plans page, and noticed that the section that describes the features of the PayGo plan now link out to a PayGo plan being offered by "Ultra Mobile".


    So is the PayGo plan no longer part of the immediate T-Mobile umbrella? Does this mean I need to port my number out of T-Mobile to use the PayGo plan now?

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      • dc5fan

        I am on the $3 a month Pay As You Go. I know of nothing regarding any changes. I just googled the plan. There was nothing that showed the end of this plan.I had to check for "prepaid T-Mobile plans". However, we don't get all the "perks" that postpaid customers receive. I am fine with that. Please feel free to send me a reply. I have not regretted to come here 2 years ago. And I sure as HECK do not miss AT&T!

          • magenta10074307

            I wouldn't recommend you trying this, but I'm pretty sure if you were to switch off the PayGo plan, you would no longer have the option to switch back to it. I was on the PayGo plan a couple times earlier this year and could switch between PayGo and Mobile Internet plans, depending on my needs for that month, but the option no longer appears


            I've attached a screenshot of what I can select from:


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              • dc5fan

                Well, guess what? I ain't going anywhere! I have shut off texting AND messaging. I do receive messages from TM, but am not charged. I don't make/receive calls very much. My V30 is used as a jukebox as my Ford Flex has the SYNC program (hands free). When I do receive a call, and if it's not in my Contacts, I will block and clear the call. As far as I know there is absolutely NOTHING that compares with this plan. I am one happy camper!


                I just called TM Customer Care. You, sir, are correct! There now is ULTRA MOBILE. It does have a $3 a month plan called PAY GO.I am "grandfathered" to my current plan. It is the same as the Pay As You Go TM prepaid. BTW, thank you for bring this to my attention.

            • tmo_amanda

              Hey, magenta10074307!


              A change to the PayGo plans was made back in July. They're now being handled by UltraMobile whom has been a longtime T-Mobile partner. To switch to a PayGo plan, you'll need to port your number to Ultra by calling 1-888-777-0446. Let me know what other questions you have and I'll do my best to get them answered.