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    • alex86

      Yea unable to connect to the network....untill you select a band your

      network is broadcasting on  


      You could still download your data. Without a  cellular network

      connection.  By Nfc, USB, wifi. 0  chance of loss.


      Nothing outside of root voids warranty. And anymore that is even

      debatable.  If a manufacturer/google made their software/os so bad the

      radio could not connect seems more like a crappy job.


      So do you have that pixl 4 dialer code to access his band selection? You

      seem to know.

      • syaoran

        As much as I agree that root should not void the warranty.  Modifying the software does sometimes have consequences.  I have never owned a Pixel device.  I can't stand the look of them but had most of the Nexus devices.  Check the Pixel 4 forum on XDA.  Someone there is bound to know. 

        • alex86

          Hehe I still have my Nexus 1, 4, 5 and 6. Only other phones I have owned

          while with tmo. Nexus 1 was the entire reason I even switched to tmo.(at

          that time there was no shadow cap on data and you could tether all

          day)(other phones only had carrier tethering that was a service fee)(...for

          the most part   ) Ironically when I posted about that previously (few years

          ago) I was also told that was never a thing dispite actually doing it and

          it being my reason I switched lol. As if they just always had a separate

          tethering add on to your plan. (They did not) Kind of like this thread.

          Instantly someone (Gramps) wants to say this was never a thing simply

          because he didn't know. Dude even has a v30 with band 71 and wants to argue

          he should upgrade because they decided this year(last month?) to segment


          Absolutely agree a bit let down by the pixl line. Pixl 2,3 both had some

          pretty crappy screens. Weird colors/over blue saturation. Think one had a

          software fix to just change the lowest brightness level even lol. (That's

          not a real fix) As for the 4 I never even looked at it because....I bought

          the LG v40 that I was told by TMobile had band 71 support and would have 5g

          when it became available. (Last year) but according to the new news about

          segmented band 71 5g even the pixl 4 won't have it. At least not right now.

          I will reply to his comment possibly checking xda for the dialer code Thx.

          • alex86

            Hey still not a solid answer for you but syaoran mentioned someone on the Pixel 4 forum on XDA. Probably knows the correct code.

            • syaoran

              I let my 6 go for $300 off an S9 Plus.  I miss it though.  Fantastic phone, perfect size, and easily balanced on one finger. I still have my 6P though.  I have 2 V30's, an S9 Plus, Note 9, 2 Xiaomi MI Mix 3's, and 2 OnePlus 7 Pros right now.  I have spent too many years on XDA messing around with devices.


              I haven't bothered to root since ChainFire retired (bought out). Magisk just isn't what root was designed to be, which is simple. Too many modules and junk for something that was as simple as flash and it worked. 


              Without an X50 or X55 modem, you won't be able to access the 5G portion of 600MHz, not that you will see a big difference 8n speeds.  About 300Mbps is what most reviewers are seeing through 600MHz 5G.  You can get 220Mbps easily enough with non-5G devices on band 71.  Low band 5G is designed for consistency, not speed.  Sprint's mid-band 5G will add some better speeds at the cost of range and building oenetration.  Version's 5G is only useful if you want to stand within 30 feet of a node.  Sure, the speeds are great but you need to stand there like a idiot to do anything with it. 

              • alex86

                Yea because they decided to segment the band. Requiring new hardware is my

                entire point I guess. They did not need to segment the band and for the

                past two years mentioned nothing about it. No new hardware(modem) would be

                required if they didn't decide to do this.

                I litteraly bought this phone and changed my plan because a "senior"  tmo

                sales rep told me this would be gg for 5g(at the time I guess it was true

                he even talked about using it in Las vegas) as well as all of the

                literature available for the 5g roll out made no mention of it. Untill late

                this year something like last month?Convenient.


                A few weeks ago I was in Tennessee and discovered band 71 available however

                I was getting something like 5^ 2down. Like a congested band 12.


                So it sounds like I need to call in and ask for a refund on my phone and

                to revert my plan lol or walk (10 years? W tmo). Because I and anyone else

                who was told 5g just required a roll out(TV stations phases to clear) if

                you have band 71 has now been lied to because they decided to create new

                not needed but created requirements.


                Just absolutely blows my mind they would do that because it is true

                engineered forced upgrades for the sake of more money and goes against

                everything they have said for years now. What a shame.

                • syaoran

                  Segmenting the band isn't the reason for the slower speeds.  There are barely enough users to even saturate the band with 5G capable devices.  If this forum is an indication of anything.  It is that T-Mobile's store sales reps and staff are some of the most poorly educated about the devices and services they sell.  There are some good reps and store managers out there though.  Unfortunately, there are more of the bad than good.  There is no substitute for being an informed buyer and learning all you can about a device before buying it. 

                  • alex86

                    Right exactly why I am mad. I start reading about new devices the moment

                    information is leaked. I waited a long time to replace my 6. Most often and

                    even here I know more about the product/service than the person who works

                    there. There was 0 mention untill late this year.


                    With that said do you know why exactly a phone with band 71 pre segment

                    could not reach 5g speeds?  Let's say they never segmented band 71. What

                    would the issue be? Because the way I still see it is they could have done

                    whatever they wanted to and decided to create a new segment creating a need

                    for new hardware.

                    • syaoran

                      Think of it like your router with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.  They share the same internet connect, regardless of which band you are on.  You are sharing the same 600MHz bandwidth, just 5G will get more speed because the 5G modem and tower antenna is capable of more speed for its connections due to various improvement over 4G LTE.

                      • alex86

                        Thanks for the reply but not feeling it :D. 5ghz and 2.4 GHz would not be

                        considered the same band. Neither causes interfearance with the other. Band

                        71 is 600mhz for both 5 and 4 g

                        • syaoran

                          That's the thing.  Say 2.4GHz is 4G LTE and 5GHz is 5G, but using the same connection (600MHz).  Probably not the best way to describe it for simplicity. 

                          • alex86

                            Yea... now...that they segmented band 71. There is absolutely one protocol

                            for 5g and one for 4g. Im with you there.  However they just created it. As

                            in this did not have to be and they absolutely created it to force

                            upgrades. Kind of like they just decide to use 55 2020 or whatever they

                            want per other bands and this band. Nothing inherently about the band

                            dictates what they can do with it other than how they decide to build on it

                            and distance it can travel. I'm not entirely sure what the 5*5 etc numbers

                            mean other than it determines what kind of speed /bandwidth you are capable

                            of getting based on a number of factors such as congestion. Such as the

                            reason band 12 has slow speeds but band 66 is fast (assuming you have

                            strong signal) yet both are 4glte. Also explains why on band 71 in TN my

                            speed was so slow and why someone else on the other side of my state (MI)

                            who posted here mentioned he had band 71 coverage however after December

                            areas lit for 5g he no longer gets band 71.


                            It's bunk AF.

                            With no other reasoning then they just decided to.


                            Kind of like years ago when Sprint decided every "smart phone" would

                            require an additional $10/month. Because "smart phones" were "new". Despite

                            smart phones existing for years at that point. The reality was now people

                            no longer had to pay for their through Sprint extra services and could

                            download the same functioning apps from the play store for free. So they

                            needed to milk the extra 10 spot. Or just thought they could tell people

                            some bogus ish like that because smartphones were not wide spread with the

                            exceptions of palm, htc, blackberry(that most people did not have yet)(I



                            That's actually when I left Sprint after about 8-9 years with them...and

                            came to tmo. Because it was capital H completely Horse just like this

                            segmented band 71 situation.

                            Except in this case....they sold me and others products saying they would

                            work with 5g and they do not and now will need to buy yet again new

                            hardware  vs simply saying it's time to pay more for a made up reason.

                            • herpatron

                              I'm definitely not an expert, but it seems like they've been selling "5g ready phones" for some time. If they really did just tweak that band to have different requirements for the same band...that's greasy.

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                              • alex86

                                Thanks for the comment this is insane!! Absolutely in 2017, 2018, 2019 phones were sold as 5g ready that had band 71.

                                • smplyunprdctble

                                  The problem you have is band does not equal technology.


                                  If you look at the chart at T-Mobile network, you will clearly see that Band 2 has 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE.  Band 4 has 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE.  If you take MyTouch 3G, it connects to the 3G network on Band 4.  It does not mean it can connect to the 4G LTE network on Band 4.


                                  You need both the network technology and band to connect to a network type on a certain band.  The phone in question has the band, but not the network technology.

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