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    • kat2479

      Wow I'm so upset! I was trying to find out when 5g would be available in my area because I was told that my note9 would be compatible, but based on the info I'm finding now, and this entire post, we were lied to. I'm so mad right now! I don't understand how anyone is arguing with you. Why aren't they upset about this? It's clearly an issue and I'd like to see an actual valid response or explanation from tmo.

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      • alex86

        Thank you for the comment! We need more people who were lied to to come forward and add to the dialog.


        Unfortunately it would seem tmo is more interested in covering it then responding. Here is a screen shot of a comment I posted that appears to be shadow banned. Most likely for including a link to a BBC December 7 article about Ericsson in a 1+ billion dollar corruption scandal. I censored out the link as that is most likely the problem. Screenshot_20191208-183236 - Copy.png

        • magenta4780569

          I purchased a Note 10+ in October and I am now being told if I want 5G, I must purchase a new Note 10+5G.

          Do I dare say Ripped Off by tmobile,

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          • syaoran

            Clinging to supposedly implied statements that are being interpreted out of context and trying to blame T-Mobile for their own lack of research, knowledge, and understanding of the products they purchased, is disappointing. 

            • magenta4780569

              WTF are you talking about, can you read? 

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              • alex86

                Feels kinda like you are being a hater. We had a huge discussion and you

                mentioned multiple times support that they must have lied/ were not

                informed/ confused. Like every other post you go from talking crap now to a

                half hearted support. :P


                The information was not out anywhere in 2017 or 2018. Not untill late 2019

                did they specify you would need new hardware.


                The president of the company implied it would work. It's not out of

                context. This is the entire context it's the entire quote. There is no

                before or after there is no completely different thing before or after.

                There are no other statements indicating this not to be true before or



                “We’re lighting up our new super spectrum for LTE and *laying the

                foundation for 5G* so fast we’re making the other guys’ heads spin – *and

                with the LG V30, everything is coming together in record time*,” said John

                Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “While the carriers try to fake

                their way to 5G and back off unlimited to keep their networks from caving

                even more, the Un-carrier’s building the future of wireless and a bigger,

                better, faster, future-proof network.”

                *It's not even just the same paragraph, or article....it's the same



                Sales and support flat out said it would work.


                Now a majority are supporting the same experiences.


                You not supporting people getting one pulled on them is the only thing


                • alex86

                  Omg that is so crappy!


                  In an early post up there I mention how when I read to my friends that they

                  made a note 10 5g they said something along the lines of hey let's sell the

                  same exact phone but slap 5g on it to make people buy it again. What a

                  scam. (Especially considering a note 9 should work with this according to



                  Thank you for the comment. We need people who were lied to about this to

                  come to the dialog.  Feels strange 3 specific people here want to argue

                  against it. Of all these messages it's only 3 people heavily arguing.

                  • smplyunprdctble

                    By your logic, cooking, family, and dog are all same thing ("is Rachel Ray cooking her dog?" would be the jump you would send out because they're in the same sentence).


                    They're related ONLY because they are part of things Rachael Ray is involved in.


                    The same way 5G, LTE, and V30 are all things T-Mobile is involved in.  You're focused on a few words in a press release instead of the understanding of the release.  I've brought the press release to several coworkers (at least two of which are super grammar sticklers.. yeah.. that's the term I can use for "alt-write" and get it approved in the forum ).  I asked whether they read that the V30 would be 5G, and all answers said no for the following reasons:


                    1. The press release says in Paragraph 1 that it supports 600MHz LTE, and LTE is not 5G,
                    2. The hyphen in the Legere quote designates two separate thoughts.  Essentially is read as a period,
                    3. The separate thoughts is expanded based on the first paragraph.  The first paragraph talks about a phone, then T-Mobile's network infrastructure.  The quote starts with the two network infrastructures, then about a phone they're excited about,
                    4. The third paragraph talks about the phone working on LTE on the 600MHz spectrum.  Does not mention 5G at all,
                    5. The fourth paragraph talks about the network infrastructure on the 600MHz spectrum.  Does not mention the phone at all,
                    6. Paragraphs 5, 6, and 7 are talking about the network infrastructure.  How they're using 600MHz as LTE to start and are laying the way for 5G on the same band (just like 2G and 3G are both on Band 2 in many areas [and solely with other providers]),


                    So, in summary, the article talks about two things, as identified in the subheadings:

                    1. A cool new LTE phone that works on upcoming available LTE infrastructure ("The newly-unveiled LG V30, the world’s first 600 MHz LTE-capable smartphone, will be available at T-Mobile this fall."), and
                    2. How they are building out their LTE Network infrastructure with plans on using the same band to deploy 5G ("The Un-carrier is lighting up LTE in its new super spectrum at breakneck pace while simultaneously building for the 5G future with new network equipment from Ericsson.")


                    The subheadings clearly identify there's two different subjects in the press release.

                    • alex86

                      No nice fake magazine.

                      Lol that is a huge amount of work required on you to try and discredit what

                      has happened to people and the English language.


                      Many words required to try and make that statement not say what it does and

                      an entire "workplace". How annoying.


                      Still disagree. Along with everyone else here but you + 2.




                      Also not very funny trying to get political.

                      • alex86

                        Not arguing that they did not  create non compatible technology. That video

                        is from December 4 2019. Not the years in question. Thanks.

                        • syaoran

                          T-Mobile does not create the standards or technology behind 5G or any of the previous standards and deployments, nor do they create or develop the transmitters used on their towers, or create the hardware and software for cellular radios.  You are trying to get a firnfirmation of what something said you didn't understand the way it was spoken, and are trying to associate things that don't go together.  Go speak to a lawyer.  I'm sure they will explain it to you better, that your mistaken interpretation of what you think so. E one else implied has no basis and fact to support it.

                          • alex86

                            Actually I posted up there mentioning global 5g standards. I never said tmo

                            created THOSE standards. So no....i do understand and even posted long

                            before your accusation. Mr 2.4 GHz and 5ghz comparison. Seems you don't

                            understand and keep doing research to try and discredit this for a

                            bizarre reason.


                            However. I would say they are clearly involved. Along with any company(even

                            this global standard body) who decided to build new modems and

                            processors(Qualcomm, ericsson, Samsung,lg,htc, etc.) instead of building a

                            system compatible with the existing 2017 ,2018 specific models ....like

                            they said they were doing. I can't speak to what any other company or

                            provider said other than tmo.


                            Ffs Ericsson was just fined the largest amout of all time for a huge

                            corruption scandal. What is your problem.

                            • magenta4819417

                              5g ready. Not working on G5. There was no G5 as of sale dates of this phone, however it was ALWAYS said to be B71/600 ready, and there are plenty of references from reviewers, news sites and mobile tech sites making reference to Barcelona, tests in Las Vegas, Legere, the CTO, etc indicating the LG V30 was one of the first two phones ready for TMobiles deployment over the would-be freed-up TV station spectrum.


                              So, the fact you did not know it was lined by Tmobile as 5G ready, does not mean it was not 5G ready.


                              Just google the words "v30 tmobile 5G" and you will find plenty of references.


                              Unless you work for Tmobile and are pushing back because I, as many others, it seems we are being told we are a bunch os misinformed liers.

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                              • magenta4819417

                                Good day, a bunch of TMobile users are being told we are liers we call support and ask about rollout of 5G on the LG V30. By proxy, you reviewers writing anything that says that tmobile, Legere, the CTO, the announcement in Barcelona, or any other source of information, putting together the LG V30 being 5G ready under TMobile, and the tests in Las Vegas is also a lie.


                                I think it is an insult to a lot of customers who researched and wanted a 5G-capable phone, ready to be used under Tmobile, when 5G was deployed.


                                TMobile is telling customers with LG v30, purchased from Tmobilr that we are basically lying and that we were misled and that even though the V30 was announced as 600/B71 ready, pending TV spectrum be freed up for 5G deployment is not true and that they never said so.


                                Anyone of you also been told a misinformed/lier by Tmobile support?

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