Card charged and order still processing


    I’m not sure how else to get help on this issue so I thought I would ask here. I  placed an order last fros Friday at my local T-Mobile store with the help of the rep there because they were out of stock of the item. She charged me around 40 dollars to make the order and another 70 or so for the down payment which needed to be put on my card. I could have ordered the device myself had I known the change I paid for in cash was to help order it. She told me my device would arrive by today, had express shipping, and  that my card wouldn’t be charged until it shipped. My order still shows as processing and my card has been charged as of the 9th. This wasn’t a hold on my card. I called my bank and it was an actual charge. I called support because despite numerous attempts to message the support team I never got a response. They told me that it just hadn’t showed up yet and was shipped. There has still been no change to the order and it is showing that it hasn’t shipped. The estimated shipping date was the 6th-9th. That hasn’t changed either. I’m trying to figure out how I tell what is going on with my order, why my card was charged and it hasn’t shipped, and why I’m being charged on my bill for a device I have yet to receive and obviously have no access to. I also found out the store ten minutes up the road had plenty in stock but I guess this agent just wanted to the commission vs letting me know that. This is terrible customer service which I haven’t dealt with in my over 5 years with T-Mobile but to charge my card without shipping the device when the agent said this wouldn’t happen and is not in the contract I signed is a bit much. I just would like to know how to get accurate information on my order to actually receive what I’m paying for.

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      • tmo_lauren

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        The information you were provided about the device not charging until being shipped is indeed accurate, so I'm not sure what's going on.


        Has there been a handset order research form filed? If there's already a cleared charge and you're beyond the delivery window, additional research is going to need to come about.


        I'm so sorry for the issues, this absolutely should not be the experience you're having.



          • steelersfan92

            Re: Card charged and order still processing

            Thank you for your response. To my knowledge  nothing has been filled out. I have at foo this point been told it’s been shipped by two reps, it’s with UPS and not scanned by one, it’s at a T-Mobile warehouse and UPS hasn’t picked it up yet by two, and a ton of other thong things. A supervisor called me this morning and told me to go back to the store that placed the order. I did that and all he did was look  up the order and told me there was nothing he could do. It’s been a week since the order was placed, four days since my card was charged, and the device is on my bill for December so I’m getting charged for it and don’t have it or access to  the device. I was told by one rep that it had express shipping and would be here within 3 business days and today is  the 6th business day. I have been with T-Mobile for 8 years and this is unacceptable service. Obviously I  don’t mean  you as you actually offered a way to help. To receive so many different answers from others though has been very dishonest and I’ve been charged days ago for something that wasn’t received or delivered.