How to unlock iPhone using Catalina (not iTunes)?


    I am trying to unlock my iPhone 8. I have requested the unlock from T-Mobile, received the confirmation email, and waited 48 hours. The instructions say to backup my phone with iTunes, then erase it, then restore it with iTunes... and I will see a message that it is unlocked. However, since Mac OS Catalina, iTunes no longer exists and those instructions are therefore outdated. I can backup my phone in *Finder*, erase it, and then restore it from Finder. After doing that though (which is not trivial!), I don't get any message that it is unlocked, and the "device status" within my T-Mobile account still says it's locked.


    I asked T-Mobile support and they put in a new request. I waited a few days to get the confirmation email. I waited 48 hours as specified by the confirmation email. I went through the whole backup / erase / restore process. It's no different the second time around. I feel like T-Mobile support basically just asked me to "try it again", expecting different results.


    What do I need to do *differently* to get this thing to unlock?


    Mini-rant: T-Mobile, why lock our phones anyway? I paid for the phone. I pay my bill. I honor my contracts with you. Why restrict how I can use my phone?

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