Updated credit card for new phone, order still on hold.


    My new phone order says kept on hold even after updating credit card information and being successfully charged. The phone rep says it's clear on their end but takes 72 hours to show on my end. Is that true, and why would it take 72 hours to show up on my end?


    The last card I tried was the same one I use to pay my bill. When I called Chase they said T-Mobile kept trying the wrong number. I told them I repeated it back to them several times and they repeated it back to me, and that I had done it online myself. They tried to say all of us put the information in wrong. Whatever. I used a different card, also with enough money and that got denied, too. I called today and used the original card and that went through, charged my account, but it's still on hold. Why would I have to wait 72 hours? That make no sense. They said it takes the system 72 hours to update. But it updates immediately on their end. How does that make any sense? If I owed them money what if I said "I sent the money today, it should show up in 72 hours"? I'd look stupid, right? Everyone online seems to be having the same problem, that T-Mobile can't process online payments for some reason.

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