OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren - 5G Issue - Repeatable Problem/Known Issues u


    Just a heads up for those looking at the newest 5G Phone. I know early adopters have growing pains. But also, this type of problem is kind of pathetic. drops

    Location: Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area





    - 5G non-functional out-of-box - No Data, only calls/texts
    - Phone drops 5G Signal Symbol in Notification Bar
    - Resetting Connections (Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi) fixes issue (?)
    - Resetting connections simply changes Cellular Bands to LTE and below (3G, 2G) - not 5G
    - Once you select 5G from the Menu, the Data drops
    - Changing Cellular back to LTE and lower, restarting the phone brings Data back


    Repeatable and verified known issue. Ticket in with Support.


    Notes: Data works on WiFi even if 5G is enabled/selected. Still have problems with Text Messages not sending even on WiFi.

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