Deals and promotion requirements


    Why does every deal require to 'add a line'?

    How many users actually add a line? I find this really disappointing as i cannot take advantage of any offer?

    I wonder if its cheaper to just add a line anyway?

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      • terracotta333

        Re: Deals and promotion requirements




        The revenue from sales  that tmobile gets to the sold device(s) is minimal only,  that's perhaps one of reasons

        why it add a line requires to some of the promotions, We also have other promotions thats does not require add a line like:



        - 2019 Note10+ 5G Trade and Save

        - 2019 OnePlus Trade In Trade Up


        Or please check thru T-Mob App / 2019 Holiday Deals Hub | Cell Phone Deals, Tablet Deals | T-Mobile


        Hope that helps =)





        Thank you so much