LG G8 Android 10 Update


    That's a big Question mark. I thought it was LG because fingers was pointed there way and Tmobile try to tell me that it's only Korea that has the Android 10 up for LG G8 last night. If I wasn't in the know I would of said okay but since I know Sprint got the Android 10 for LG G8 early January and Verizon right behind Sprint and AT&T like 4 days ago. I know it's not LG Its T-mobile. Smh

    It time to tighten up cause even with the Oneplus y'all are    with O.S update and 1plus in known for getting fast O.S updates 2nd to Google world wide But not if it's on tmobile. Yeah it time to tighten up y'all update center if y'all have 1.

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