IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work


    My wife and I both have IPhone 11 running the most current IOS update. Anytime we have full signal (4 bars) anything that needs data doesn’t load such as Facebook, websites, games and even messages. As soon as we drop down 1 bar to not full strength, everything works fine. I can’t seem to find any posts about this issue but we have reset our phones and things like turning airplane mode on and off but it still does it every time. Do I need to visit a t-mobile or Apple store to have Someone see if our phones are the problem?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work

        It sometimes happens to me if I'm on both cellular and WiFi and the WiFi is really congested. There's one doctor's office where they have WiFi but I can't do anything unless I turn WiFi off. Other than that, I suggest you install a PING utility and when you have problems check the PING to It will tell you if you have a connection but it's just really slow. Bars can indicate a lot of stuff. Network speed isn't one of them.

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        • itdefbechill

          Re: IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work

          I am not 100 percent sure what it is you are describing,  and I have no idea about apple things. I can say on my note 10, I get full bars some times and there is no thing about the signal. So what I mean is like e, 4g, 4glte, or 5g. What I have narrowed that down to is for some reason it shows other networks. The town that gives me full bars but no symbol only has atnt, but it shows full bars on my phone for some odd reason. I dono how you do it on a apple phone, but you gotta go to the mobile data and search for signals, and see if you are getting tmobile on that list, then you can force it to only connect to that.


          So it sounds to me like the same thing I face in that town, I get 5 bars atnt signal which is meaningless. Then it finally finds the tmobile signal which is 1 bar, and works. I am not sure why they have these phones showing other carriers signals.

          • tmo_ian

            Re: IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work

            Have you tried following Internet and data issues | T-MOBILE SUPPORT ? It has most of the troubleshooting steps you can do on your own without giving us a call. If T-Mobile isn't automatically selected as your network, definitely try resetting your network settings to make sure it's set to automatic.

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            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work

              Hi there!


              Please take a look at the link above and give those steps a shot. Keep us posted if you need more help.

              • magenta3478071

                Re: IPhone 11 Full Bars - Data doesn’t work

                I have the same issue with an Iphone 7.  It seems like Tmobile LTE data is not working with iphones.  If you goto settings>cellular>cellular data options>enable LTE and turn off the LTE, it will switch to 4G and data will work. 


                I've spoke to the t-mobile tech people and they seem to think it's area specific (I'm in DC metro area) but it seems to be nationwide.  Maybe they can correct this or maybe time to switch to an Android or to Verizon wireless.