Visual Voicemail Just Broke On Me


    I have a Google Nexus 6 phone, which I love for its size and shape. I'm running Android 7.1.1, with T-Mobile for a carrier.


    About a week ago, my Visual Voicemail in the native Google phone app stopped working. I have it enabled in the settings. I have the Voicemail tab showing at the lower right of the phone app screen. But when I select it, the screen says "your voicemail box is empty", even though I have several messages in it. I can fetch these messages by dialing in to the service, but I want my easy Visual Voicemail back. 


    I tried turning VVM off in the settings app and then back on, didn't fix it. I've tried emptying my VM box via dialing in, doesn't fix it. Tried clearing the cache for the phone app, didn't fix it. Can't seem to find anything else about it on the web. It was working perfectly for, literally, years; but somehow stopped.  Only thing I can think of now is a complete brainwipe, but I'd hate to have to reinstall everything. And it might not work anyway.


    Anyone have this happen to them, or know what might be going on? Tx

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