Was lied to and screwed out of $250.00


    In November during black friday week, my husband turned in his iphone 7 because the T-Moble rep told us they will give $300.00 for it due to a promotion.  We got $50 dollars right off the bat, then told us that within 3 weeks to a month we will get the $250.00 sent to us by mail.  2 months later I get a call from T-Mobile telling me that we will not be getting the $250.00 because one can't double promotions and we can't get the phone back because they paid us $50.00 for it. Even though that was not what was told to us by their own Rep at time of transaction. So in other words, we were completley lied to by T-Mobile at transaction by their own reps and now we have lost $250.00 because we trusted them. We would have NEVER given up the iPhone for only $50.00. We could of sold that phone for at least $200.00 on Ebay.  This is really messed up T-Mobile. What can be done to fix this situation?

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