OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren WiFi Calls Garbled


    I just got the OP7T Pro McLaren about 2 months ago when switched to TMo.  Ever since I have had issues with calling over Wifi.  Basically 80% of the calls in and out the person on the other end comes out completely garbled and can not hear them.  I would have to turn off WiFi during the call, then the call is 100% clear.  I work in areas that I can not get cell service so I use this often.  I called into TMo, have flushed network settings, restarted phone, turned on airplane then turned off, factory reset phone, and as of today, received a replacement phone under warranty that is having the exact same issue. 


    I had this sent to the engineering team twice, first said they resolved the issue. Next call was worse than before.  I just got off the phone with support and they sent another ticket it.  Am I the only one having this issue?  This has to be a software issue.  I contacted OnePlus directly and they only said to replace or wait for OTA update, which they said it is up to TMo as to when it is sent out.

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