Telecoms. Time to step up!


    With the corona virus disrupting lives of countless americans every day it's time telecoms step up and do away with data caps, data throttling and limits on texts and calls on ALL plans. People are going to have to be on their devices more than ever now with people working and doing school from home and people staying in contact with friends and loved ones in quarantine. A good gesture is to do away with the aforementioned restrictions. I know most plans are "unlimited" but a throttling over 50 gigs (or whatever limit depending on plan/carrier) is in fact a data cap/limitation. Are kids supposed to stay up til the wee hours to do school work so they are not doing it during times they would be throttled? Will families have to allocate time of day for members to be online as to not slow down speeds? Some of these things can't be helped (reception etc) but telecoms need to do their part here. As a T Mobile customer I'm looking to my telecom to step up and be the first. I ask all customers to chime in and request the same.

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