Caller ID failure when traveling internationally


    I live in Thailand though continue to retain a US cell phone number. Starting last October, my caller ID stopped working. For years, the phone appropriately displayed the cell phone number that was calling me (a US number calling my US number while I was in Asia). In October, this all stopped, and whenever I received a call from the USA, the number "0600036010" would display. Calling that number back resulted in the Thai cell service stating that the number doesn't exist. An internet search of the cell phone number 0600036010 reveals that it belongs to Microsoft spam service. Obviously, this is annoying, as I have no idea who is trying to call me. Multiple phone calls to T Mobile service resulted in puzzled responses (ie, "we don't know").


    Last week, for some reason, the caller ID started acting appropriately, showing the US numbers that were calling me. But this only persisted for one day.


    Inquiries to the two main Thai cellular providers (AIS, D TAC), resulted in the same "it's not us". They can't recognize the 0600036010 number.


    It was suggested that T Mobile might be using some sort of spam identification service; T Mobile sends the call to the spam identification service, which might then strip the caller ID information, and forward the call (the spam service identfiying as 0600036010).


    Would really appreciate help with this. Caller ID worked for many years before, I've been a customer for quite a while. Caller ID stopped working in October; with the extremely rare event where it works appropriately for one day, I know that this can be fixed. There is something "in the middle" which is screwing up the caller ID from working appropriately. Been paying for caller ID for the past many years; not getting the service addition any more.


    Thanks. Phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus with dual SIM (USA and Thai), unlocked.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Messed up caller ID when roaming has been an issue for some time. I don't recall seeing a cogent explanation for this phenomenon. 

        • tmo_mike_c

          I don't see anything in our system saying there's a conflict with Caller ID on any carrier you mentioned. You can Contact Us and have our Tech care or T-Force folks file a Trouble Ticket to have this looked at further.

          • lorddocvader

            I have called the T Force folks about three times over the past few months, always got the same answer, they had no idea, and they were going to escalate it up the chain with a trouble ticket.


            It's all very odd. For years I had no problem. And then suddenly, in October, it stops. Had one day last week when the called ID worked appropriately. T Mobile did something with these international calls, I would think they're sending them to some sort of spam service in the US which then strips out the caller ID information.


            Very frustrating.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Have you gotten an updates on the ticket? They can be viewed and we can see what our engineers found after about 3 days.

                  • lorddocvader

                    I never received a further response to any of my phone calls and subsequent ticket advances to technical support

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        Strange. Were you not able to get a rep on the phone when you called, or were you not able to get an answer on a ticket you gave them?

                          • lorddocvader

                            Over the months previous, I’ve spoken to three primary call center people, the ones that do the general “answer your basic questions” type of thing. Of course, none of them had any idea as to why the caller ID was not working internationally, but they kindly escalated me up to tech support people, who did try to tackle the issue. One of them investigated, and subsequently told me he fixed it, as the system had dropped my caller ID subscription (he logged into my account, and rechecked the “caller ID” subscription). Well, that didn’t fix it. Another time, when I was escalated up to a tech support person, he did some investigations, and came back to me suggesting that the problem was with the Thailand services stripping the caller ID information from the call. He couldn’t find anything on T Mobile’s end that would cause this.




                            I then went to the two cellular services here in Thailand (AIS, DTAC) that seem to be registered on my phone (associated with my T Mobile SIM card); after many hours, and many phone calls on their part, they could not find a reason for the caller ID information to be stripped. They did mention that the 0600036010 was not a number from any Thai service, was not a Thai number, and one individual was able to track that phone number back to a Microsoft Spam filter system.  So the Thai’s confirm that it is not them. The many Thai cellular people that I dragged into this had never seen this issue before.  They were equally as puzzled.




                            I then went to Samsung, thinking that it was my changing from a Samsung Note 8 to a Samsung Note 10plus that caused the problem. We tried other Samsung phones using my T Mobile SIM; all the other, and older, Samsung phones that we experimented on showed the same 0600036010 number on the caller ID when calling my T Mobile USA cell phone number.  This confirmed that it was not some sort of software change with Android or Samsung, with the newer phone.




                            I have noticed that T Mobile started offering some sort of spam protection service about the same time that this caller ID issue arose. I tried turning it off in my profile; it hasn’t changed anything with the caller ID. I do still suspect that this spam protection service that T Mobile offers has something to do with this issue.




                            In the meantime, I get lots of calls from the US, and I don’t bother answering them. Realtors, “investors”, car dealers, etc, etc, etc, all go unanswered. I tell people in my voice mail to just send me texts if they want to get a hold of me; amazing how many people don’t bother… My friends and family know better; they email me.

                              • tmo_mike_c

                                Wow, I understand this has been a tough time for you. The Trouble Ticket sounds like the best route to figure out what's going on with the caller id, but I'd still need the ticket numbers to see exactly what our engineers found. I don't have access to your account here to look them up, but I know our Tech Care team can. If we can find out what was posted on your latest ticket, we can figure out what the next steps are.

                      • lorddocvader

                        I'll try to call tech support to find out, but with this virus thing, the hours have been reduced (to, lol, the middle of my night over here).


                        Not an issue, this is not ruining my life by any means. Would be nice to eventually get it figured out.


                        One thing, I still think it has to do with the spam block that T Mobile is using. I've tried turning it off multiple times in my account profile page, but apparently T Mobile automatically turns it back on. I can't get rid fo the spam block. (and I think that's the cause of this...)

                        • soloma1n

                          For international calls, local regulations sometimes dictate that a caller ID be modified.