Can't reset TMobile ID


    I'm reaching out here in desperation as this problem has been going on since early January.  We've been through multiple trouble tickets and go through the same conversation and process again and again.  Here is the issue. 


    My wife is trying to register for a TMobile Id with her email address.  When she tries to register, it tells her that the email address is already registered on another account.  Ok, so she tries to use the reset password capability at which point they tell her she has to call support.  When she does, they ask her to log in user her phone number.  That attempt gives her a message that she needs to complete the registration.  When she fills out the form to complete the registration, it tells her that her email is already in use and associated with another account.  This is followed by an hour of attempted resets and finally, they open a "Trouble Ticket" and give us the "We'll get back to you within 3 business days".  Invariably nobody calls back, the problem doesn't get fixed and we end up back at the beginning.


    Nobody has had the email before her, we're not a returning customer, she hasn't registered the email before.


    We've been through this cycle multiple times.  It's clear that the normal support process is not capable of resolving this issue.  How do we escalate so this gets in the hands of someone that takes ownership of the problem and gets it resolved in a timely manner?

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