Did Jive take another step backward?


    Something changed. I used to have a little Inbox symbol on my support forum landing page.

    That went away and now I have to click Menu to find my Inbox.

    This seems to be yet another step backward for Jive.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Did Jive take another step backward?

        My inbox notifications would show on the bell in the desktop version but now I have to click

        on a thread to see my notifications but when I go to my mobile browser the notifications don't show

        even by clicking on a thread.


        Also the threads don't update when by the most current reply.

          • syaoran

            Re: Did Jive take another step backward?

            The steps backwards don't really bother me personally.  usually have a mobile tab with the forum open on the device I am using.


            With more and more people staying home, I figure checking in more often can be helpful.  It probably doesn't help that the XDA forums for the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Pro 5G are pretty much dead.  WE NEED SOME NEW DEVICES!!!    I haven't flashed or tinkered with a phone in 3 weeks!  It's just too bad all of the New devices coming out aren't worth looking at.  Maybe I should buy a Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro to keep me entertained for a little while.

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: Did Jive take another step backward?

              To me, it's like how much deeper can Jive crawl into the pit of unusability before I just give up on it. 

            • tmo_ian

              Re: Did Jive take another step backward?

              I did some investigating and it looks like the icon disappearing is a design feature. Happens when auto-resizing smaller than like 1090 pixels across. But the notification bell on a Desktop should be showing the numbers again. If anyone isn't seeing them, can I find out what browser you're using?

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