Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with


    Mobile # verification is the last identity step in signing up for an account to view your tax information. cannot verify my T-Mobile phone #.


    Based on previous threads from years ago:

    1) Yes, T-Mobile says short codes are turned on for my phone.

    2) No, I do not and have never had a pre-paid phone #.

    3) No idea - the person before me with this # may have had prepaid; I can't know that.

    4) No idea - I have no way of checking if my Caller ID matches my full name -- is there a function for that?

    5) No, there is currently no way to email Customer Care to send an image of the error. Calling did not help.

    6) No, mobile is presently the only way to verify with the IRS -- they have suspended the postal mail option!


    Any help from T-Mobile would be greatly appreciated!



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      • syaoran

        Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

        Contact Customer Care to make sure your line's NameID matches your name and that your account information is up to date.  If this information needs to be changed, it will take some time (a few days potentially) to change across the board. 

        • clewsr

          Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

          I've unfortunately had the same issue as you. Let me know if the rebroadcasting works.


          T-Mobile's Support Team have been wholly inadequate and frustrating to engage with For example, I did move from T-Mobile pre-paid to T-Mobile post-paid. When I called the postpaid Support Team, they indicated my number was still appearing as pre-paid so they rerouted me to the pre-paid team. The pre-paid team  couldn't access my record, so I was re-routed back to the post-paid team, who then needed to verify the situation with the pre-paid team on the same line! No doubt, this experience made me think this is a T-Mobile issue and their ability to interact with the IRS System - or something on their end we can't see.


          Here are the steps I've gone through as well, with T-Mobile Customer Support. Again, these options were only available over the telephone and some did work for other users on the community forums:

          • Update your Caller ID to match your name on your tax filing.
          • Check to make sure short codes are turned on. For myself, T-Mobile says short codes are turned on.
          • I've become the Primary Account Holder and adjusted the name too.


          I've tried almost daily to register with the IRS since making these changes, over the two months, to no success.


          As I wasn't the one to open the Account (my partner was), I did read online that the IRS access your number from your credit report. So the only thing I'm trying to explore now is whether opening a new post-paid line, and rerunning a credit check, will get this verification to work. I appreciate isn't feasible or cost efficient for everyone, but I have no choice and I want to see if this is the root cause. If this works, I'll likely leave T-Mobile even if Verizon's offers don't compare due to the poor customer service. This is clearly a prevalent issue for many of their users - especially due to the IRS restrictions right now.


          Having said that however, I think being the primary account holder and the credit reporting option are both excessive. I was just able to register for USPS Informed Delivery using my Verizon work mobile number - but not using my personal T-Mobile mobile number. I'd assume the main change here was updating the Caller ID.

          • flsm

            Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

            I am also having the same issue here. I have called Tmobile customer service 3-4 times about the issue but no change. It is really frustrating and online is the only option right now. I have checked Experian credit report service and seems like they have my Tmobile number. I dont know why IRS still having issues with my phone number. I have been with Tmobile with 4years.


            Anyone solving this issue? Can Tmobile do something for us?

            • bcgreen26

              Same here... I can't get the IRS to verify my phone number either. Been trying for weeks now. Changed my caller ID to match didn't help. Any sound resolution to this would be greatly appreciated.

              • redden

                Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

                I am having the same issues. At first, I thought it's related to me having prepaid number. However, I switched to postpaid, called the support to make sure that my caller ID set to my full legal name. They told me they have updated the information, and that it will take up to 72 hours for the system to update.

                However, a couple of days afterwards - I still can't verify with IRS. This is frankly ridiculous.

                • omgitzchriss

                  I have been having this issue since February

                  • varnco

                    Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

                    They have this thread marked "This question has been reviewed by a staff member and is assumed resolved", but clearly it's not resolved for the OP.


                    I, of course am having the same issue.

                    • tmo_ian

                      Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

                      Hey all! The only thing T-Mobile has control of is the Caller ID, so you'll want to follow Caller ID troubleshooting. If your Caller ID shows correctly and it's still not working, the IRS website says that they can't verify all phone numbers and you'll need to have the activation code sent by mail.

                        • varnco

                          Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

                          Ian, thanks for the reply.


                          My CID is correct and displays properly. Again, not saying T-mobile is the issue here, but somewhere between you and the IRS this is breaking.


                          As usual, reaching someone at a government entity is very difficult/impossible, which is why we are probably reaching out to t-mobile.


                          Also, at this time (Since April), the IRS has suspended all alternative methods of getting verification, leaving phone verification using mobile phone is the ONLY way.

                        • clewsr

                          I'm still struggling. It transpired that the T-Mobile Support representative set my Caller ID incorrectly, so that didn't help. I'm not enjoying the dismissive approach of T-Mobile employees on this thread. If you don't know, don't bother. For the avoidance of doubt, resetting all network or phone settings is not a solution.


                          Has anyone had any luck with getting T-Mobile to do a rebroadcast?


                          In the meantime, here is some information on the IRS Verification Process:

                          • "Participating carriers (in the IRS Text Verification Process) include AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Boost, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, and Cricket." (Source)
                          • The IRS use "Experian, a credit reporting company, to validate your financial account number." (Source) This does not include the mobile number.
                          • "The fastest way to verify your identity is with a mobile phone number associated with your name. The phone must be U.S.-based and text-enabled. We will send a one-time activation code to your mobile phone number. Once you receive it, you have 10 minutes to use it. Note: we may not be able to verify all mobile phone numbers." (Source)
                          • "When you register for an IRS account, we will send a one-time activation code to your mobile phone number. Each time you log in to your account, we will send a security code by text message or phone call. Text messages from IRS Password Service originate from “77958” and message and data rates may apply. Phone calls originate from “202-552-1226.” (Source)
                          • "You may have opted out of receiving messages from IRS password service. Text IN to “77958” to resume service and receive the security code." (Source)


                          I texted 77958 just to confirm I can receive texts from this number. I received a reply instantly, but I still couldn't register after.


                          For T-Mobile employees, "Note: The IRS call center can’t troubleshoot text message delivery issues.  If you can't get a text message right now, you can get a security code via phone call." So our only course of action is trying to get T-Mobile to fix the system that they collaborate on. Clearly there's a problem there, but unfortunately no T-Mobile customer service representative will have familiarity with the back-end functions here.

                            • tmo_ian

                              I definitely understand the frustration and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience with T-Mobile. But we can only control our systems. So if your Caller ID or text messages aren't working correctly, that's definitely something we can troubleshoot and figure out. But we don't have access to any of the IRS systems, including whatever system they're using to verify phone numbers, so we can't tell how it works or how to fix it. I have reached out to Support teams to see if we have some sort of contact with the IRS to see if we can work with them to figure out what's wrong, but that is definitely going to take time if we're able to find someone at all.


                              I'm sorry I mentioned the mailing method, I've confirmed on the IRS page that it's not an option right now, but they do have some alternatives listed that may help.

                                • clewsr

                                  Oh Ian, you're just as useful as a chocolate teapot.


                                  "But we can only control our systems." As the IRS confirm on their website, T-Mobile is a "participating member" of the Text Verification Process. There is likely an API here, or a team at T-Mobile who built/supported the connectivity - between your customer database and theirs. If you had any value, you'd escalate to them to make sure this interconnectivity is working.


                                  "But we don't have access to any of the IRS systems, including whatever system they're using to verify phone numbers, so we can't tell how it works or how to fix it." As above. No one is asking for you to check the IRS system, just check that your connection is working.


                                  "I have reached out to Support teams to see if we have some sort of contact with the IRS to see if we can work with them to figure out what's wrong, but that is definitely going to take time if we're able to find someone at all." Finally. This is what we've all been asking for and you keep dismissing us.


                                  "I'm sorry I mentioned the mailing method, I've confirmed on the IRS page that it's not an option right now, but they do have some alternatives listed that may help." Did you actually read this content? None of those alternative options for verification are currently available. Text Verification is the only option until the current pandemic is over.

                                    • tmo_ian

                                      Chocolate teapots can still be useful! But seriously, please try to avoid personal attacks like this. They take away from our aim to make the Community a positive experience that everyone can enjoy.


                                      The main goal of my post was to help you understand the separation of systems here and what T-Mobile Experts are going to be able to assist with. We've had previous threads on this same issue and generally the problem is that either short codes aren't enabled / working or that the Caller ID doesn't match exactly whats on your IRS forms. As far as I can tell, that's how the IRS should be connecting and is the part of the connection T-Mobile can resolve.


                                      But I understand that it's frustrating that you're not able to get a resolution from the IRS about why their system isn't working; that's why I'm still looking into this and may reach out for additional information in a direct message. It's just I don't want to give you the impression that T-Mobile is 100% going to be able to resolve this issue for you. I know it's a pet peeve of mine when companies say they're going to do one thing then do another.


                                      I only skimmed over the IRS content and that link was where they directed people in their message about code mailing being unavailable. This is why we try to refer people to whoever is providing the service if they have questions or it's not working, so they can speak with someone who is knowledgeable.

                                        • clewsr

                                          Re: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

                                          Hey Ian,

                                          Understand your point although please appreciate it from our perspective. We're all put in a bind, through factors beyond our control, and for many of T-Mobile's customers this situation impacts everything from getting a stimulus checks to immigration due to new requirements. Yet despite this - T-Mobile Support is sending us round and round in a circles with troubleshooting that doesn't address or resolve the issue. We only want you to escalate, and finally we seem to have that, so I'm grateful. We're all at a roadblock with the IRS anyway!


                                          More broadly, T-Mobile does need a known issue database so we don't reinvent the wheel with each and every query to Tier-1 customer support. We recognise that those  individuals may not be able to assist - but there needs to be a feedback mechanism to the team that handles escalations to your team who handles database integration with the IRS, and doesn't lead to us consuming time on troubleshooting efforts that doesn't lead to results.


                                      I'm on the same boat, mostly everything matches my situation, I have been dealing with this for about two months.

                                      At first i though it was because you have to wait a couple of weeks after your tax filling for your latest to show up. (Still should be able to create an online account and get 2018 transcript)

                                      I would say the only difference in my case is that I opened (over a month ago) my T-Mobile account for the sole purpose of getting my tax transcripts. I would try next Cricket.


                                      Additional information that might be helpful:

                                      * experian doesn't show my number yet, neither the T-Mobile post paid account. Nor does it show the hard credit check that was performed so I could get my T-Mobile account.

                                      * experian has a bunch of (erroneous) variations of my name on their records.

                                      * My last name is Hispanic, meaning I have an space-separated two words last name, that might confuse some computer systems that assume the first part of my last name is actually a middle name (and I don't have middle name at all). I know this would most likely be ignored but some IT team on both sides should look into this. Everywhere I have checked within T-Mobile my name appears to be properly recorded.

                                      ** Don't know a way to figure out how is my name being rendered by T-Mobile's caller ID.


                                      I'll keep trying and if I figure out something I'll tell you, guys.