Price increase after merger


    After stating publicly that there would not be a price increase after the merger with sprint there is a price increase, not a good business practice. I joined T-mobile 6 years ago to get away from Sprint's crappy service and constant lies and looks like they followed me here is this the new normal for T-mobile now the 5g coverage is not any better than the 4g Lte when you get outside the metro areas you get a bad signal or no signal at all and their excuse for the increase is phones cost more. Right now with the current situation money is tight for everyone and a price increase doesn't help, you could have waited awhile to do this instead of lying to your customers about no increase for two years then immediately raise something. Sorry for getting on my soapbox but I feel like everyone is taking advantage of people during this crisis whether it's groceries, toilet paper etc, the only thing that has gone down is the price of gas.

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