I live in the 61878, and can a tower near me send the signal that way?


    Last week I was driving west from my house in 61878. I own a V30 and a 2015 Ford Flex that can give me the signal strength like the V30.

    I noticed that when I drove 1-2 miles west I was receiving 5 bars. As I drove another 1-2 miles the signal dropped between 3 -4 bars. At the 5th mile it was back up to 5 bars. At my home (outside) I would get 2 bars, and , rarely, 3. West of the 61878 zip code there is nothing but flat farming fields and houses. Is it possible to aim the tower to 61878 to receive more bars? I now have a Facebook account, and tried to reach someone from T-Force. I was supposed to authenticate something, and when I did that all I got was a white rectangle with a T-mobile logo, and T-Mobile at the top. I just got out of it, and here I am. I was told by the T-Mobile store in Champaign, IL that there were T-Mobile customers in 61878. Did I miss the memo or something?

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