Tmoible have been overchage me every month $200-300 more, Is there have lawyer can deal with it ?


    I have a business account of T-mobile, I have been settle for auto-payment if the past 7 years. In Feb. of this year, I reset on my online account checked the bill and found they have been overcharged me, sometimes every month is 80-100$, sometimes it is 200-300$. For this moment, I can just check the bill to November 2018. Expect the months, I am not in the USA, I did not use the phone. And every month has overcharged. I called them, firstly they did not admit and told me that the mistakes of the T-mobile store which help me open the account.  I went to the T-mobile store which helps me open the account, they still ask me to call T-mobile with 611. I call it again, and they finally agree that refund the money, but they told me they need time to calculate how much they will refund. And after that, there is no any response. I have been called many times and every time they find kinds of excuses and even blame me I did not check the bill details in time. And they already send me the paper bill details even I did not check it still represents I agreed to the overcharge. I am really tired to talk with T-moble again and actually I did not want to talk with them again. I just want to find an experienced lawyer to help me. Do u have an experienced lawyer with this one? Please recommend to me. I really could not imagine how much they overcharge me since the 2013 year.

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