iPhone 5S and WiFi Calling

    Like many here, I have waited for the new iPhone 5S to arrive before making a decision on a new phone.  We really need to upgrade our phones to get the benefits of WiFi Calling which we don't have now.  WiFi calling is a must have for whatever new phone we select.


    I assumed the new iPhone 5S would be capable of WiFi calling, but it appears that it is not.  Can anyone confirm this?  If not, then does anyone know if it does not have WiFi calling because of it's hardware design, or is it because of the software?  If it is software, any chance of it having WiFi capability in the future?



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      • unclespoon

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        It's a software feature that's integrated into the operating system. So far, T-Mobile has not been able to offer wifi calling on the iPhone because of the way Apple creates and distributes it's iOS. You can try something like Google Voice to get similar functionality, but T-Mobile will most likely tell you there is no ETA for integrated wifi calling on any iPhone.

          • Thanks UncleSpoon.  You are absolutely correct, turns out that WiFi calling is only available on T-Mobile "branded" phones.  If you bring an unlocked phone like the Google Nexus or iPhone to T-Mobile, you will not be able to get WiFi calling. 


            Maybe T-Mobile can develop an app for iPhone that will give it WiFi calling capability?  We will see.  I realize that there are VOIP options such as Skype, Google Voice, Viber and Orange, but T-Mobile's WiFi calling is unique and well worth it for our particular situation.  WiFi calling would allow us to use the phone in our family's home in Brasil, just as if we were at our home in the USA.  Incredible that it is a free service!


            Thanks again.

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            For incoming calls, T-Mobile offers conditional call forwarding if your number is not reachable.




            To turn off, ##62#


            It should be a simple matter of using a free app for VoIP (WiFi) calling to at least receive calls while you are connected to your home network and have no cellular signal.  I have two apps which will do this.


            I have a non-T-Mobile iPhone 5 (not S or C) and was greatly disappointed to find the latest iOS update did not deliver what Apple had promised during their keynote.  But, T-Mobile offers a few "short codes" to get around this.

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