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What do you look for in a support site/forum?


    Howdy, everyone!


    We're working daily to improve our support site here on support.t-mobile.com. We've got some really awesome stuff cooking right now, but I wanted to kind of pick everyone's brains here in the Magenta Lounge and find out what you would like to see. I'm talking pie in the sky stuff here, but as cool as it would be, please refrain from stuff like "Personal support holograms."


    Before we start this discussion though, I do want to point out a few important things:

    • This is an informal poll by me. I'm just looking to see what folks like or want in a site. Keep in mind I might reach out to people down the road if you have some awesome ideas.
    • There are no bad ideas, so please be kind to everybody.
    • Please participate! I want any and all ideas. I don't care if you work here, if this is your first visit to this site, or your 400th. I hope this discussion ends up being fruitful, and the only way we'll get something to stick is by throwing a lot of ideas at the wall.




    Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!

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      • 1.Easy access,  preferably one click, not buried under several ambiguous links.

        2. Answers.

        • smplyunprdctble

          The big thing is navigation.  The boards here have several layers (like an ogre) that it's difficult to find stuff sometimes.  Since I know the primary topic boards I like to troll help in, I have started using the "search" up top just to find those specific areas... but, new peeps don't know to do that.  (See what I did there? I used both ogre AND troll in a post!)


          Someone else mentioned before, a separation between prepaid and postpaid.  Or, some flag on the post somewhere to identify which side of the company you're on when it comes to plans and billing.  Simply because it helps a LOT to know whether they can get a printed bill or not


          On the concept of identifying themselves, on the device boards, OS version and stock vs rooted maybe?  I know T-Mobile's official stance is "If it's rooted, we wash our hands of it" [which is understandable], but sometimes it takes a handful of posts before we learn it's rooted, and things wind up being a bug in the version that was installed.


          One of the things that annoys me is when I get an email here, go to the thread, then need to log in to reply.  When I log in, I'm sent to another page other than where my conversation is at.  I know I can hit reply in my email, but sometimes I want to do things like strikethroughs that may not format proper when I do an email reply


          Usernames.  Don't let people use all numbers as their username.  We know if there's ten digits, it's got a 99% chance of being their phone number, and when they get signed up for a Premium Service, they wonder why...


          Search.  There's something to be said for search.  The number of times the same question comes up is crazy.  I've even seen it three times in a row once.


          Stickies.  I know there's the DOCs that are in each board layer, but it's not easy to search them sometimes.  Popular ones [like 1588 -- the SIM Unlock.. I know that one by heart now] should be stickied at the top of their appropriate forums.


          Q&A.  The DOCs are pretty awesome, but people post questions about them all the time for clarification (like the Simple Choice Goes Global one -- it doesn't say anything at all for incoming calls.  That question has come up multiple times).  Maybe allow Q&A at the bottom of the DOCs to do clarification.  Or, at minimum take the posts that discuss the DOCs and use them to improve the DOCs (I know many times they do get improved, but sometimes it seems like they get ignored)


          And, personal holograms!  Maybe of the Elf...

          • jfuente11

            The ability to bookmark discussions and documents that we want.

            • tmo_phillip

              Hey smply,


              This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for! Thanks for putting in the time to type this all out, and to dig up that elf video, haha.


              Keep up the awesome work!

              • tmo_phillip

                5. Re: What do you look for in a support site/forum?

                Hey notz,


                Thanks for the reply! I think ease of access and answers are the foundation of any good support site, and is a great goal for us.

                • tmo_phillip

                  Hey jfuente11,


                  Thanks for the feedback! I think that's what we wanted to achieve with the current "Follow" system, but it certainly isn't bookmarking, that's for sure. Good stuff!

                  • jfuente11

                    Or at least for us to view the response that we "Liked" or a history for that. I mean there are responses that I really like to re-visit especially if the user has said it very well.

                    • smplyunprdctble

                      Another thing -- make features that are available on the desktop version as easily available on the mobile version.


                      Specifically, we inform people that you click up top to access Private Messages.  There have been many posts saying they don't see it, then we have to add that it's not available (or easily accessible?) on mobile.  I know there has to be some differences between the two, but when T-Mobile guides people through the app to the Support Forums via their device, we don't always know they only know the mobile version.



                      Also, LIMIT the number of characters they can put in the post title.  There have been a handful of posts (especially in recent weeks) that would have been simple to answer, but the software won't allow replies when the title line is too long... They then have to await a T-Force person to get to it and shorten the title (and subsequently reply)



                      Also, when T-Force takes a situation offline, the rest of the world doesn't know how they were resolved.  It's important to get people resolved, but people come here for help.  Sometimes it's something that only a T-Mobile employee can resolve, but people have come into the board saying "I saw this user and this user had similar problems, but there's no indication how they got resolved." -- even if it's the appropriate keywords to try when talking to level 1 support at 611.

                      • verta

                        9. Re: What do you look for in a support site/forum?

                        Please give the mobile site navigation. So frustrating to see a mobile support site that acts more like Twitter than a place to give and receive help.  The jive software is horrible. Cannot browse categories.

                        • 21stnow

                          Smply said most of the things that I wanted to say.


                          I would like an easier way to jump to the first unread message in a thread.  Some things make it easier if I follow the main screen  of the forum, but I rarely go into the sub-forums because I would just keep going to the beginning of the thread instead of the most recent posts.


                          The inbox also makes following threads easier, but I have to go in and follow each thread that I want to track, but don't respond to.  I hate to say it but even after two and a half years, I still miss the Lithium forums.

                          • tmo_phillip

                            Hey smply, verta, & 21stnow,


                            This is all perfect, tailored feedback! I agree that saying that the mobile site needs work is just the tip of the iceberg. I miss Lithium too, but Jive is a great partner, and we've got some cool stuff coming soon.


                            Thanks again for the feedback, and please keep it coming!

                            • 21stnow

                              I would like to see a designation for the original poster of the thread in all subsequent responses from the original poster.

                              • I made another posting about this, but it's an open question for everyone.    I only found the T-Force community by accident the other day after using the customer service chat.  I was surprised no mention was made about this forum.


                                What ideas do you have to better advertise or get the word out to other T-Mobile customers?  Do other companies have a forum community like this?  If so, how do they compare?


                                I think the T-Force community is a very nice setup and am enjoying the interaction with you all.



                                • stevetjr

                                  ability to add pictures without having to link to them, sometimes a picture or screenshot can save 10 minutes of typing.

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