Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 on T-Mobile

    I recently read posts on several Android related blogs that made mention that T-Mobile now has the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition).  I was hoping this news would include the Pro 12.2, yet no luck.  AT&T and Verizon both have the 12.2.


    Although I am entertaining the idea of getting the 10.1, that size is a bit small for what I'd be using it for.  (Also too big for me for a one-handed tablet device.)


    I'm posting this to get a discussion going for us T-Mobile customers to express our interest for T-Mobile to carry this device.  If there is word that T-Mobile plans to carry this device in the future, I would like to know.

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      • Thanks for starting this discussion! I'm also keenly interested in the Note Pro 12.2 and especially the prospect of a T-Mobile version gracing our presence (hopefully sometime soon!), even though I just picked up the Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) on 6/4, the day it became available at T-Mobile in-store.


        The 10.1 and 12.2 are almost the same in terms of specs, the main differences apart from the larger screen are slightly more robust multi-window multitasking (four side by side windows rather than just two, excluding the free-floating "pen windows" feature, which is available on both devices), USB 3.0, and a few more office productivity apps like eMeeting and remote 


        Perhaps like you, I'd like to be able to use the 12.2 with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a use case that would be somewhat hampered by the 10.1's smaller screen. A bigger sandbox for using the S Pen also sounds appealing, though the 10.1 is quite capable in that regard.


        I suppose the slightly greater portability of the 10.1 is kind of nice, and some may find the 12.2 too big for toting around - though I'd probably be fine with it myself. If given the choice, I'd prefer the 12.2 over the 10.1, though having one of each wouldn't be too bad either, as they're both excellent devices, each catering to slightly different use cases (the 12.2 better suited as a laptop [or possibly even desktop] replacement). In terms of media consumption, both bring a lot to the table (or sofa).


        Here's hoping T-Mobile soon expands their tablet portfolio to include the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2! And kudos to them for adding the Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). I'm loving it!

        • I love Tmobile and I have converted every single person I know around me from close friends to my father in law and got them to@@@ switch to Tmobile. But there is only one thing bugging me, and that is the fact that they don't have the note 12.2 pro yet!

          I literally  check every 3 or 4 days to see if there is anything new about note 12 on Tmobile or not and every single time I land here on this post. You can't even press the like button unless you're signed up with Tmobile support. Herr you go Support team I have finally signed up after 5 months of checking and crossing my fingers...

          Please please pretty please bring the note 12.2 pro! Or at least if you know there is a newer one coming just give us a little hope at the end of this tunnel!

          Cheers to best network on the planet