Cricket Wireless got worse. Is T-Mobile next?


    Just for laughs, I went onto Cricket Wireless's old site to see the effects from AT&T's Usurping of my old carrier.. Their LTE network might be decent, but their International options have become pricey and awful..


    I decided to pretend I wanted to get another plan with them, so I started adding plans and features to the virtual shopping cart, and after calculating my local sales tax into the mix, I come to find out I'd be paying what I am currently, but I'd get SO much less, and absolutely NO international roaming coverage..


    Glad I went to T-Mobile... Cricket REALLY sucks now.. I think AT&T really put their foot in it with that move. I just hope T-Mobile tells Sprint where to stick their money, as I can only imagine what sort of changes they'd force upon the UnCarrier.

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