LG G3  And Variants To  TMobile Soon?


    Hi , I am pretty sure  that  TMo  will have the new. LG G3 Flagship soon with  32 meg memory and 5.5" ultra high res screen etc.


    There is also a smaller version with,lower specs and I am requesting/hoping the 5" LG G3 S  or  G3 BEAT or whatever it's called will be ordered by TMo  with 2GIGs RAM  and 16 GIG Memory.


    Maybe  a TMO Exclusive.


    G3 BEAT looks like a smaller G3 , has a laser focus 8 megapixel Camera and 5.0 inch screen BUT only 1 GIG RAM  and 8 GIG memory.


    Because it is a fairly expensive Phone anyway ($ 400- $ 500 range )


    can TMobile  spec the additional memory as an exclusive to make it

    more Powerful,  if any merit, please pass on to the  EXECS. 



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      • Sometimes they can do it,sometimes not. Take the example of the lg l90 they are currently selling for 99.99 but they lower the specs like the internal memory is now 4GB instead of the original 8GB. Then take the example of the Sony Xperia Z1s the original only came with 16GB of internal memory but T-Mobile bump the storage to 32GB to make it different from the international.