Can't receive short code SMS


    hey all,


    I recently moved from Europe to the US. Having no credit history in the US, I was happily surprised I could get a 4 lines for  $100 plan without a credit check. Yes!! BTW,I could get a regular, normally credit checked, plan at another telco shop because of a deal my employer has made with them.


    Anyway, I set up a bank account at BoA, creditcard, got an SSN, CA drivers license etc. However I was never able to receive the text messages from Uber, BoA, and I can't even set up caller ID in Skype as well. Very, very annoying!!  For some reason I cannot receive short code SMS messages, is that it?


    If so, can someone from T-Mobile contact me and enable short code SMS on all my four lines? This was never told to me as a restriction for the plan I chose and it doesn't make sense. And if I was told I would have chosen another plan or another telco.



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      • maxbreemer

        Re: Can't receive short code SMS

        I just had a T-Mobile rep on chat, and they fixed it on the spot.


        I can receive short code SMS now.



          • Unfortunatelly, talking to a representantive didn't work for me
            Here is the complete discussion we had


            T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.

            Ruthzell M: Hello there xxxxx!

            Ruthzell M: We really appreciate you taking the time to contact us here in live chat with your concern on short codes. I'll be glad to provide any assistance you may require. How can I help you?

            You: Hi! I have a simple choice no credit check plan and according to this post


            I'm contacting you to enable my account to receive short code SMS. Can you please enable this feature for me?

            Ruthzell M: I understand how important it is for you to have the short code on your text messaging enable.

            Ruthzell M: It would be a great pleasure for me to assist you and check for option.

            You: Great! Can you do it now?

            Ruthzell M: Let me review your account for option here.

            You: ok. Thanks!

            Ruthzell M: You are welcome.

            Ruthzell M: Checking on your account eligibility and restriction now

            You: ok. I'm waiting.....

            Ruthzell M: xxxxx, I surely understand the need for you to have the short code enable for you to received notifications from banks.However, I do apologize for the incovenience, since the no credit account only allows T-Mobile short codes. As short code from non T-Mobile sources are not restricted.

            You: Yes but here it says that you were able to enable it


            You: and he was also in the no credit check plan

            Ruthzell M: I appreciate the additional information. Indeed I am seeing on the comment below that the short code was enable on the account.

            Ruthzell M: I really do apologize, xxxxx but I did check on your account and tried to have this enable but the system will not allow me to since this is one of the account no credit restrictions.

            Ruthzell M: As there are some short codes that trigger additional charges when used or received.


            so what can I do about this? Can I upgrade to a credit check plan? If I knew that before I wouldn't go through the non-credit

            Ruthzell M: I perfectly understand your point here and I regret the inconvenience.

            Ruthzell M: You can surely convert to a postpaid plan with a credit check.

            Ruthzell M: Kindly visit our nearest T-Mobile store or contact our activation team to have your plan converted to a postpaid plan with credit check.

            Ruthzell M: Kindly dial 611 on your T-Mobile phone .

            Ruthzell M: Or 1-800-937-8997 on a landline.

            Ruthzell M: Don't you worry. I will fully notate your account so that my colleague will have reference on what we have covered and discussed today that way you will not have to repeat yourself.


            Will that work for you?

            You: I guess I have no other options here

            So I'll to contact the activation team to convert my account

            You: I'll also post our conversation to the forum if you don't mind

            Ruthzell M: I really do appreciate you hearing me out and for your understanding.

            Ruthzell M: I understand.

            You: OK. Thanks for your time!

            Ruthzell M: xxxxx, anytime for a valued member like you! I am so happy that I'm able to assist you with your concern on short codes. This has been Ruthzell, taking this opportunity as well to thank you for being part of our family. If this will be all, you may now close the chat window or it will be closed within a few seconds. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day. Take care!

            • Hi there,


              So happy we got this resolved and working now.

            • FYI, I chatted with support about this today, was told my account was "blacklisted" from short codes.


              Marjorie R: Your patience is greatly appreciated, Travis. I have successfully removed the shortcodes from being blacklisted.

              Marjorie R: Please be advised that the changes I made may take 2 hours.

              Marjorie R: After 2 hours, you can be sure that you will start getting text messages from your bank.

              Marjorie R: Do you have any questions for me?

              You: can you tell me what caused it to be blacklisted?

              Marjorie R: Sure!

              Marjorie R: Because purchases made on your phone that costs more than $0.00 is billed to the account, and normally that is from short codes.

              You: ok, it is just a default then?

              Marjorie R: Yes.

              Marjorie R: This can also be done from the phone. To do that, please follow these steps:

              Marjorie R: 1.From the messaging app, attempt to send a short code message.

              2.From the Home screen, go to Settings.

              3.Tap Application Manager.

              4.Slide to the All tab.

              5.Scroll to and select Messaging.

              6.Under Permissions, select Always allow.

              7.Select Always allow


              I will wait a few hours and see if this worked.