5G hub constant drop off

  • 13 March 2022
  • 2 replies


The 5G hub is more than a very poor choice to run security cameras in your home. Constantly dropping the WiFi signal hence the cameras not online …. All around poor internet choice. 

2 replies

I’m 10 days in with the home internet. Honestly when I first hooked it up I was impressed. However last few days it’s been dropping the connection to all my devices (8 devices) 

The reboot usually does the trick but it doesn’t last long maybe an hour or so and we are down again. Could be very problematic since I work from home. 
I called support and it’s sorta spotty. Eventually made it to the higher level support and they identified a problem with the tower. 
not sure what to think of it’s the actual device or their towers. 
anyway they moved me over to a different tower and we are reconnected and monitoring . 



I have been thru this 4 times, changing towers and misc other things the “ techs” have tried. My signal bounces up and down causing my security cameras and tv’s to drop the signal. Hence my security cameras shut down and 3 out of 4 times will not reset them selves, and the tv’ s get the “ circle of death” or the loading sign until I have to start the tv over again. 
T-Mobile has no cure as this is just a non fiber connection and can’t balance the reception as a normal line in fiber optic would. The best part is the claim to high speed, yes that is true but for how long until it drops out, is still the problem.