5g Speed and connection issues

  • 1 August 2022
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May have found a solution!, Forgive me for not knowing the technical terms. I too have experienced the speed and dropped connection. Worked great for first week or two, then 200 mbps would go to 3.0 mbps. My signal is good to very good. 

Today I moved the unit to the side of the house the tower is on knowing that I couldn’t receive a signal to the other side of the house, but then I remembered I had installed a Unifi access point about a year ago to connect to my Spectrum service. Fired it up and wow! Speed is 240mbps down, but then I went back to the unit and my phone lost the access point signal and connected direct to the T-Mobile unit. Speed test was 25 mbps. Obviously the problem is the WiFi inside of the unit. Try connecting to the Lan connection!

Also the signal strength is unchanged from where the unit was originally located.

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