Ability for 5G internet to be usefule

  • 22 March 2022
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I currently have been using 4G LTE as my backup connection for when my primary Internet Connection goes down as part of my continued ability to Work from Home, its been absolutely great and have had no problems, the upload speed it usually better than my other connection, which makes uploading files to the company server much easier.  

When It became available I got the T-Mobile home Internet as a trial.  When connected its awesome and I get a 100M upload that makes everything work great.  Unfortunately the problem is the t-Mobile gateway.

The gateway needs to have the following capabilities to make it useful

  • Ability to disable the Gateway Wi-fi, it serves no purpose in my house because I already have a wifi system setup throughout my entire house and meshing with the Gateway is unacceptable
  • Ability to change the LAN address: the default is useless with the rest of my home network
  • Ability to add static routes to be able to configure the gateway with add additional routes to multiple home networks 
  • Ability to turn NAT off or forward all ports on the gateway to a single device. there is already enough NAT running rampant in the world and without being able to setup any useful routing I have to NAT at my firewall which means I end up with double or triple NAT in many cases.

I have looked nline and the gateway provided (the Nokia “Trashcan” is perfectly capable providing any and all these functions with the standard factory firmware.  However the T-mobile custom firmware is crippled to the point of being next to absolutely useless.   Is there anyway to get a more “Advanced” version of the firmware to allow any of these features? 

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