blocked devices on wifi

  • 24 March 2023
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My wifi connects to allll other devices except for my bfs phone? I don’t know if I accidentally blocked it? But now I can’t find the page to get it unlocked? Called customer service and they gave me a new device and still the same thing. Please help I’m frustrated.


Best answer by copz1998 25 March 2023, 17:18

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4 replies

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What is a bfs phone? 

Your answer is probably setting on the phone. Does the phone detect your gateway Wi-Fi? 

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Same question as copz1998.

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What is a bfs phone? 


Boyfriend’s phone?


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oooooooh, ok. 

Whether an iPhone, Samsung, Google, etc., there has to be a setting in wifi or cellular calling that is not seeing your home networks/gateway. I would check there.