Can't setup WiFi Canon printer because T-Mobile gateway hides MAC address.

  • 14 September 2021
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I need to connect a Canon TS9120 printer by WiFi to my T-Mobile high speed gateway but there’s only two ways that can work, WPS but there’s no WPS button on the gateway and I find nothing in its app or web interface for WPS. The printer can sent a WPS PIN but there’s no way or where in the router user interface to enter it.

The other way is for the printer to search for SSIDs. I select the one I assigned. Then it gives me a list of MAC addresses, none of which are the MAC address for the T-Mobile gateway. Why hide the MAC from *local* connections?

How can I get my printer connected so it can be used with my computers, tablets, phones etc that connect to WiFi?

0 replies

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