• 11 February 2023
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Feb 11 2023 my tv has been losing connection every few minutes since about 2 weeks ago. I have to restart. Anyone having this problem??

1 reply

I'm having similar issues. Over the last week or so, my TV has been buffering frequently (both YouTube TV and Hulu on Amazon Firestick are impcted), my Amazon devices have been having trouble understanding voice comnands, people have complaing about calls on my VOIP phone breaking up/cutting out, and web pages aren't loading or load very slowly on my Android phone and my Windows tablet.

When these problems happen, the WiFi for my T-Mobile Home Internet network shows 'Internet not available ' on my T-Mobile cell phone, although the T-Mobile Home Internet app shows Very Good connection with Internet okay. When I turn off Wi-Fi on my cell and connect to Mobile data,  web pages load normally and streaming services aren't buffering.

I've restarted my gateway several times from within the Home Internet app, which hasn't fixed the issue.