Dropping Internet Signal

  • 22 March 2023
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Ever since switching to T Mobile internet, while gaming, the signal drops and it kicks me out of the game. I switch to T Mobile because I heard it's faster but it sucks and not worth the money. 


I've been having bad experience with it. And when I try to call, they send me in circles. It's like no one cares.

2 replies

TMobil connections are terrible. Only use the internet and it is constantly dropping the connection. If you have any choice DO NOT USE TMOBIL!!!!!!!

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There are dozens of posts on the T-Mobile Forum regarding gaming, and none of them good. If you are a big-time gamer and expect to play others on-line, T-Mobile may not be the best solution for you.

I am not a gamer and only use my Internet for my computers, streaming TV, iPhone, iPad and security devices. For me, this is a very economical way to get away from Xfinity and the carousel of endlessly changing prices and data caps.