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Does the gateway automatically reset after so many days? Happened today and was curious if this happens


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If you mean reboot there is no set interval where the gateway reboots. In fact many users would love to have a feature where they can set a specific time and day for reboots. Your gateway will reboot for several possible reasons such as:

  • Firmware update - this is auto but happens in the middle of the night to AM.
  • Hardware is stuck - there is a watchdog feature that will reboot if the hardware is frozen. This doesn’t always work though since “frozen” is a subjective state.
  • Power glitch - there is a battery inside the TMO gateway but for whatever reason, it does not serve as a UPS so if there is a momentary power glitch at home, your gateway will reboot.
  • Reboot signal from TMO support - this should only happen while on a support call with TMO, but there is nothing preventing a remote reboot from TMO if they feel it is in your best interest. Same for cable internet providers.

If you meant reset as in “factory reset”, then there is no situation where it should do this by itself. Best to call TMO support if that’s what happened.

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The Arcadyan KVD21 unlike the Nokia does not have a battery. You might check both ends of the power connection to make sure they are both firmly in place. It could be there was a bit of a power glitch. The battery in the Nokia only runs the cellular radio if power is removed so the battery in the Nokia GW was only intended for the initial setup via a walkabout to find the “best” cellular signal as a starting point.