Hated to leave, but I am back to needing normal IPV4 functionality...

  • 2 April 2022
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Been an interesting year and more… service has improved a LOT here in the Florence, SC area, to the point that it has proven to be a viable alternative for a budget service.  Has handled 2 Roku’s streaming just fine at up to 1080p, and some light/casual gaming on both PC and PS4.


But, unfortunately, I have come back around to where I need that inboud IPv4 traffic to work again.  Without a proper forward facing v4 address and full NAT functionality, I unfortunately had to discontinue the service after about 16 months.


Yes, we were able to get around some issues with a VPN service… but the extra cost and complexity just isn’t worth it for trying to address more complex use cases.  We really need the assurance of a line that just works with full NAT functions without any extra steps/costs.


Will be checking in on the forums periodically to see if any progress is made on the inbound filtering/blocking front to see if anything comes of it.  Hopefully they can figure something out in the next year.  Fixed point wirelss has a lot of potential, especially with all the bandwidth the FCC has put out there for auction recently.

They just need to do something about the dual-stack issues.

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