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  • 22 December 2022
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I am like 1 mile and half from tower according to placement app . I get only good or weak . Xbox 1 s is slow phone . Is slow . If I put a laptop on slower.  I did the off on and move around . In the military if I was that close I would over modulate radio waves echos . But if I'm close I should have very good to excellent signal . It is beginning to be like  my phone line internet . No good for auctions on ebay . Lost lots of income from internet . Anyone else . Thank you sgt heiss

2 replies

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Use the mobile application and verify the cellular metrics. If the signal is strong but low quality and there is a significant amount of noise that will result in poor performance. The time of day/night is going to be a factor to contend with due to user load. Another set of factors are the frequencies received. Does the gateway have both the secondary and primary signals? Make sure the gateway not only receives the 4G LTE primary channel but is also receiving the 5G secondary channel. If you have an Android phone load up a Network Analyzer that also provides info on the cellular signals it receives. Compare the information with the metrics for the gateway. If you have an iPhone put it into Field Test Mode by dialing *3001#12345#* and look at the cellular metrics and identify the cellular frequencies received. If the phone has a hard time with reception the gateway will probably suffer as well.

You might need to check with T-Mobile and see if they are doing work in the cells in the area. If they are doing upgrades expect disruptions and unpredictable service for at least a week. They tend to do maintenance and upgrades during the day so one never knows what is going on. When the service is all over the place for speed and unpredictable I have seen it often is related to upgrade activity. So, confirming service status for the area is a good idea to help keep your hair. 

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There’s no question that T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI) isn't for everyone. I don't run a business from home, so I can't speak regarding the performance of Ebay or other sites like Etsy. I can say that my TMHI connects at a speed that is more than sufficient to stream TV via Apple TV 4K with no latency, drive 3 always-on computers and iPhones, iPads and watches. Add to that a slew of Echo devices, and even at only 50 Mbps, I'm getting excellent performance and coverage.

I understand that everyones needs and experiences with TMHI are different. I agree with iTinkeralot’s response. Call T-Mobile and see if they can help. Otherwise, you should return the gateway and find a solution that works for you.

Good luck!