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  • 20 June 2022
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New to T-mobile home (currently in the trial period) and have found this community very helpful. I'm really interested to know if people are experiencing intermittent connection failure. Wi-fi is strong in the house, but the internet won't connect for a few seconds at a time and it feels pretty random. I have the latest Arcadyan router and live in New York City. 

I’m cooking at 5 bars (excellent) and there is actually a T-Mobile store on the street level of my building. I’ve set up a script to ping google and notice that it cuts out randomly sometimes for 3-10 seconds. I’m not sure if that is a good way to test, but I’ve attached a screenshot of how the outage was recorded: I had the script running in the background when I noticed a page hanging on load. I immediate did a (google) speed test and saw that it couldn’t establish a connection to the server. All the while, I had 5bar and full a full wifi signal. I’ve even had my sim card replaced at the t-mobile store.

I noted the band before the dropped signal for both 4g (b66) and 5g (n41) before and after this glitch were the same. The other signal values were relatively the same. The servers resolves fairly quickly, but when this happens all conference calls, page loads, and video buffers fail until it reconnects. This would be a deal breaker for me.

Is it possible towers are switching? I know there is/will be a lot of congestion on the network but I never seem to drop below 4 bars.

I’ve noted that there are a few people that have had the same issue, but curious if there is any fix for this in the future (hardware/firmware)? Really appreciate this community. I’ve spent a lot of time here testing and troubleshooting but feel that I may have to keep my isp for the short term.

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