Home Internet lagging

  • 25 February 2021
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Hi I just got my T-Mobile Home Internet with the grey gateway and it seems to be lagging. YouTube is constantly buffering and pics take a bit to load within apps and in browsers. The signal strength is full and I have tested the speed multiple times, which is 90+ Mbps download and 15+ Mbps upload, ping is usually around 20, jitter is also below 20. I have powered the gateway off several times but still have the same issue. What could the issue be? Bad gatway?

5 replies

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Interesting, your one of the lucky ones to have at least fast down loads. 

You dont mention if this happens on multiple devices or just one device. I assume once you know the Gateway was working with good download speeds that you then rebooted the devices in your home?

There are a lot of bugs with TMobile, some get lucky, some dont, your next choice is an easy call to TMobile Home Internet Support


Yes I have had the issue on all of my devices. And I have checked the speed a few times right as it is happening and the speed is just fine. Just last night the YouTube app on my TV kept buffering but when I checked the speed it was almost 100 Mbps down and 22 Mbps up. Ping was 20 and jitter was 19. Is T-Mobile able to target data going to specific apps or websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc?

Just got my router and have wired into Samsung TV. All apps work well except for youtube and espn. Still have Comcast and when I plug into that service, youtube and espn work with no lagging.  Very strange. Talked to support, they have no clue.

Update on YouTube issue on Samsung TV.

In Samsung TV settings disabled IPv6 and YouTube now streaming with no lagging.  Hope this takes care of the issue.  Really want to dump Comcast.


For the last 2 months, I have seen increased slowness and buffering. I wouldn’t consider this service to be 5G quality.